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Crazy, suicidal, insane – all are words that have been used to describe the drivers of the Nostalgia Fuel Altered class. Featuring nitro-burning, 2,000 horsepower powerplants sitting on a tiny frame and a short wheelbase, these machines are fast and extremely dangerous. Once banned from organized competition for over 30 years, Nitro Jam is proud to bring these machines out of retirement and let fans see what racing was like in the “wild west” days of drag racing. *DRIVER LINEUP VARIES BY EVENT*

Ron Maroney - 'Blind Faith'

Kyle Hough - 'Nanook'

Jason Richey - 'Pure Hell'

Randy Bradford - 'Bradford's Fiat'

Tom Padilla - 'Nasty Benjamin'

Ron Hope - 'Rat Trap'

Mike Hilsabeck - 'Arizona Thunder'

Chris Bennett - 'Pure Heaven'

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