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Kyle Hough - 'Nanook'

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Name: Kyle Hough - 'Nanook'
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Car: "Nanook"
Engine: 500 CU - Keith Black
Car Owner: Dave and Rick Hough
Class: Nostalgia Fuel Altered
CrewChief: Rick Hough
Crew: Dave Hough, Linda Hough, Gloria Hough, Cassie Hough, Cyril Gamalong
Major Sponsors: Commercial Hardware, Lucas Oil, Mickey Thompson, Hedman Headers, Moroso, Family Auto Body
Website Address: www.nanookmotorsports.com
Career Stats: 2012 Fuel Altered World Champion; 7 runner-ups in Nitro Jam competition
Why do you love racing? As the third generation Hough AA/FA driver, it is what I was born to do
Hobbies: Racing, baseball and basketball
First Race Car: Junior Dragster
Personal Status: Single
Personal Car: Honda S2000
Favorite Music: I love all kinds of music, depending on my mood
Favorite Movie: Any sports or racing movie - the Fast and Furious series, Funny Car Summer, Major League, The Replacements, etc.
Favorite Food: Pizza and Chicken
Interesting facts about yourself: Won 2012 Fuel Altered World Championship as a rookie. I come from a racing family. People know all about my grandfather Dave and father Rick, but my mom's side races as well. My uncle Vince drive the Nanook from 2006 until 2009 while I was in training. I am very proud of my family and their racing accomplishments and I am excited about my future as a Fuel Altered driver making my family proud and pleasing the IHRA fans!

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