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Quickly becoming one of the most popular classes in all of drag racing, AMSOIL Prostalgia Nitro Funny Car provides a national stage for drivers who have made a living on the match racing circuit and showcasing their talent at venues across North America. The class features half-track burnouts, insane dry hops and out-of-control nostalgia racing that fans have come to expect from these older bodied versions of the modern day Nitro Funny Car. They are fast, they are loud and they are exciting and as the top playground for these beautiful machines, Nitro Jam is quickly becoming the home for nostalgia funny car racing. Passes in the upper 5 second range at over 250 mph are common among these powerful machines. *DRIVER LINEUP VARIES BY EVENT*

Brad Thompson - 'Wheel Vintiques'

Jon Capps - 'Jungle Jim'

Rick Krafft - 'Chicago Fire'

Dale Pulde - 'War Eagle'

Laurie Cannister - 'Bullet Bob'

Roger Garten - 'War Horse'

Greg Jacobsmeyer - 'AllStar Dodge'

Mark Sanders - 'Mr. Explosive'

Steve Nichols - 'Mill Road Boys'

Jason Rupert - 'Mert Littlefield'

Mike Halstead - 'Candies and Hughes'

Steven Densham - 'Teachers Pet'

Jay Mageau - 'Prospector'

Mike McIntire - 'McAttack'

Tim Boychuk - 'Troy Lee Designs'

John Dunn - 'Dunn and Gone'

Mitch King - 'Brand X'

Troy Martin - 'Chi-Town Hustler'

John Hale - 'Nitro Boss'

Peter Gallen - 'Poverty Stricken'

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