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While some may consider Pro Fuel Dragster to be the little brother to its Top Fuel brethren, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. These nitro-burning dragsters are ready to blaze their own path in the drag racing world. Pro Fuel utilizes nearly every specification as Top Fuel, but has a few added bonuses unique only to this class. Pro Fuel allows 100 percent nitro in the tank and utilizes a clutch management system making these rails quicker and faster than nearly every other drag racing class in the world. And with these dragsters able to utilize their full potential, many see Pro Fuel breaking records in the near future by dipping into the four-second zone at over 300 miles per hour for the first time in class history. And while costing half as much to run as Top Fuel, fans may be looking at the future of drag racing when these high-tech machines pull into the water box. *DRIVER LINEUP VARIES BY EVENT*

Bill Evans - 'The Black Pearl'

Cherissa Smallwood - 'Nitro and Lace'

Kristen Dennis - 'Ladies First'

Mike Manners - 'The Shredder'

Robin Samsel - 'Predator'

Johnny Ahten - 'Stump Puller'

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