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Randy Bradford - 'Bradford's Fiat'

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Name: Randy Bradford - 'Bradford's Fiat'
Hometown: Camano Island, WA
Car: "Bradford's Fiat"
Engine: 417 Donovan
Car Owner: Pop and Randy Bradford
Class: Nostalgia Fuel Altered
CrewChief: "Pop's" Bradford
Crew: Susan Bradford, Bryan Durr, Bob Parker, Rachel Parker, Noel Grise
Major Sponsors: Egge Machine
Career Stats: 1 win, 2 runner-ups in Nitro Jam
Why do you love racing? Always loved cars, racing is a good way to keep connected with friends
Hobbies: Fishing and golf
First Race Car: 1955 Chevy C/G 1963-1965 - ran at Lions, Irwindale
Personal Status: Married to wife Sue, 3 kids, 4 step kids, 15 grandchildren
Personal Car: 2003 Dodge Cummins hot rod
Favorite Music: Oldies and doowap
Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Interesting facts about yourself: One of the last drivers that drove Fuel Altereds in the 60's

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