AT THE STARTING LINE In real world terms, the last No Box car at State Capitol lost in the semi-finals of the main event. With his $1,000 No Box bonus and the round money he won by getting to the semi-finals, the No Box racer won more money than the Box semi-finalist and he was one round away from the $10,000 payday. That scenario will hold true for No Box racers regardless of how many No Box cars show up. All we are doing is creating one class and running several different types of cars separately until there isn’t any more separating that can be done. Some would argue that a No Box car has zero chance of beating a Box car. In my experience when we ran national events and had ET contested at them, we had Box and No Box compete as separate classes until we had two winners. Those winners would come back and run off for the Ironman and contingency. Eight of 10 times, the No Box guy hits the tree as he has been all day and the Box car lays off the tree where the No Box car wins the run-off. I encourage No Box racers to sit down and actually read the flyers and do the math and they will see what value is built in for them. Our goal looking ahead is to eventually have No Box compete as its own class with a full separate payout. We have to crawl before we walk, walk before we run and run before we can take off at a full sprint. Hopefully, this letter explains our intention of our Summit Sportsman Spectacular and that it clears up any confusion or areas of concerns. As always, anyone is welcome to call my cell at 419-706-6610 with any questions or feedback (good or bad) and I will do my best to provide you answers. You are also welcome to email me at [email protected] Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish everyone luck and a prosperous 2018 racing season. 5