33 pedal down so that it would be easier to drive.” Horton continued. That technique helped propel him to over 1,000 final rounds and over 700 wins. Even more amazing is that Horton had a perfect points season winning every race one year. Horton always loved to make someone’s day at the track. Whenever he would see fellow fans on crutches or in wheelchairs, he would walk up to them and hand them his trophy. “It really put a smile on their face and to hear that some of my trophies have ended up all over the world!” Horton commented. When Horton won the 2002 IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Championship, he was amazed and blown away when he got a standing ovation from his fellow racers. “It was moment I could not forget. All of the fellow racers and peers standing for your accomplishments was easily one of the best moments in my career,” Horton said. These days Horton enjoys life at his home in Jesup with his wife Suzette. He still gets the itch to go racing every now and then. “You never know you might see me in the other lane beating competitors if I decide to bring out “Trinity” again,” Horton joked. Just because you might have limitations doesn’t mean they should hold you down. Reach for the stars and you can accomplish your dreams and goals. To view more photos of Chip Horton’s extensive trophy room and history click here.