22 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That same saying can be used for the brilliant paint jobs that Jerron Settles, who started Imagine That Customs in 2006 turns out for racers across the country. Imagine That Customs paints and designs 20-25 cars a year along with 100-150 helmets for customers, who help grow his business by word of mouth advertising. Since the start of his business Imagine That Customs has painted over 700 dragsters and 1100 cars in total. Settles got his start in painting in 2003 by painting helmets for racers while he was a full-time auto mechanic. Working nights, he would perfect his art along the way. “When I first started painting, I made a lot of mistakes, but I wanted to get better as I was 100% self-taught in the art of painting,” Imagine That Customs owner Jerron Settles said. “What helped me get better was asking questions and using the feedback to improve my skill each job I took on.” The immaculate work of Settles hasn’t gone unnoticed either. In 2017, the HBO series “Ballers” featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson enlisted Imagine That Customs to paint a custom helmet to be part of the show during a scene when he drove a Monster Truck. Additionally, Farmtruck and Azn from Discovery Channel’s popular show STREET OUTLAWS, reached out to Settles to get a helmet painted for the popular Mega Race. Imagine That Customs work has also been featured through the University of Maryland. The University reached out the Settles to paint drones for the school as it conducted research of how drones could coexist with jets, helicopters, and other air traffic in airspace. “Seeing the reach that my work has gotten has been humbling,” Settles commented. “I never would have imagined that when I started I would be doing helmets or painting for huge stars.” Imagine That Customs, relies on only the best products when it comes to painting. Settles says that using House of Kolor, Axalta, and 3M products all help assist him in turning out some of the best work in the motorsports industry. In the winter of 2012, the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) took notice of Settles work as all the cars that appeared in the final rounds had paint jobs that were performed by him. After some meetings between the parties, the IHRA enlisted the company to paint the championship car which is awarded to the winner of the IHRA Summit SuperSeries Junior Dragster champion. ‘ “When it comes time to bring the car to Memphis, I get a ton of e-mails, texts, and phone calls asking me if I can show them the car.” Settles continued. “I always have to turn them down as I don’t want the paint job to be displayed before the unveil.” When racers turn to Imagine That Customs for paint work, they seek work that allow them to standout above their competition on and off track. You can visit Imagine That Customs website to get more information and contact Jerron Settles to go over your dream design. www.imaginethatcustoms.com 301-807-6608 IMAGINE THAT CUSTOMS Turning Heads On and Off the Track