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Rietscha, Tharp are amongst Race of Champions Winners at Dragway 42

Sunday, 18 September 2022

WEST SALEM, Ohio — Josh Rietscha and 2020 International Hot Rod Association Sportsman World Champion Joe Tharp Jr. were winners in a special Race of Champions at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 3 Summit Team Finals at Dragway 42.

Rietscha went 5.059 seconds at 133.61 on a 5.04 dial-in with a .017 reaction time to defeat Kevin Little in the Top (Box) final. Little wasn’t quite as close with a 5.493-second run at 123.19 mph against a 5.47 dial-in with a .021 reaction time.

Josh Rietscha

Tharp captured the Mod (No Box) victory over Bob Klock as both drivers had great starts. Tharp paired a .007 reaction time with a 7.542-second pass at 90.49 mph against a 7.53 dial-in. Klock timed at 7.092 seconds and 95.77 mph against a 7.07 dial-in. He had an exceptional .003 light.

Joe Tharp Jr

In the Street class, Nolan Eckert was the winner when Mike Fornwelt fouled at the start. Eckert went down the track in 8.70 seconds at 78.84 mph against an 8.73 dial-in. Fornwelt went ahead and made a pass at 7.615 seconds and 89.53 mph.

Nolan Eckert

Joe Devola also won on a red-light courtesy of Eric Birchfield in the Motorcycle final. Devola rode his bike at 6.804 seconds and 107.60 against a 6.83 dial-in. Birchfield made a fast pass at 5.422 seconds and 126.09 mph.

Joe Devola

Junior Dragster shoe Logan Vitez was quick off the starting line at .008 seconds and parlayed it into a victory with a 7.938-second run at 78.77 mph against 7.90 dial-in. Madi Clark went 7.99 at 79.82 seconds on an 7.95 dial-in with a .015 reaction time. 

Logan Vitez 


The event also featured three days of Gamblers’ races with the final-round results listed below.


Thursday Gambler’s Race:

Top — K. Simard 6.79 on a 6.79 dial-in, .027 reaction time defeated A. Lenz 8.14 on a 6.20 dial-in, -.006 reaction time.

Mod — C. White 6.43 on a 6.42 dial-in, .003 reaction time defeated C. Ricketson 7.06 on a 7.08 dial-in, -.010 reaction time.

Bike — J. Santin 5.36 on a 5.35 dial-in, .032 reaction time defeated T. Despenes 6.13 on a 6.15 dial-in, .061 reaction time.

Junior — T. Ball 8.15 on a 8.15 dial-in, .139 reaction time defeated P. Marston 8.03 on an 8.02 dial-in, .158 reaction time.


Friday’s Gambler’s Race:

Top — T. Hecker 6.25 on a 6.25 dial-in, .002 reaction time defeated Z. Smith 4.77 on a 4.77 dial-in, .012 reaction time.

Mod — B. Ciredou 6.51 on a 6.49 dial-in, .018 reaction time defeated S. Campbell 6.32 on a 6.14 dial-in, -.008 reaction time.

Bike — B. Snyder 6.07 on a 6.06 dial-in, .009 reaction time defeated M. Charcalla 5.40 on a 5.42 dial-in, .038 reaction time.

Junior — N. Benish 8.97 on an 8.98 dial-in, .047 reaction time defeated T. Rozhon 7.96 on a 7.92 dial-in, -.045 reaction time.


Saturday’s Gambler’s Race:

Top — Mike Fornwalt 7.64 on a 7.66 dial-in, .027 reaction time defeated Chris Wallin 4.88 on a 4.57 dial-in, -.007 reaction time.

Mod — Jeff Stewart 6.37 on a 6.39 dial-in, .027 reaction time defeated Mike Fornwalt 7.66 on a 7.67 dial-in, .005 reaction time.

Bike — Kevin Twardowski 5.74 on a 5.72 dial-in, .017 reaction time defeated Jordan Haase 5.62 on a 5.60 dial-in, .030 reaction time.

Junior — Kevin Simard Jr. 8.45 on an 8.40 dial-in, .011 reaction time defeated Dexter Gomez 8.35 on an 8.36 dial-in, .098 reaction time. 

Last modified on Monday, 19 September 2022

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