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Greer Dragway Repeats as IHRA Division 9 (Raiders) Champions

Monday, 05 October 2020
HARTSVILLE, S.C. — Greer Dragway defended their title as International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 9 (Raiders) Summit Team Finals champions held at Darlington Dragway over the weekend.
Greer Dragway took a 65-57  win over host Darlington Dragway. Other tracks who participated were: Farmington Dragway, Ware Shoals Dragway, Union County Dragway, Coastal Plains Dragway, Pageland Dragway, Elk Creek Dragway, South Carolina Motorplex, Palm Beach International Raceway and Cherokee Dragway.
Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Friday Gambler’s races, Saturday Gambler’s Race, Race of Champions race and “best of” awards.
Main Event:
Kip Maddox (Greer Dragway) put together a winning package with a 5.34 elapsed time at 124.55 mph against a 5.34 dial-in, along with a .016 reaction time. Runner-up Tyler Mosley (Greer Dragway) raced down the track in 5.86 seconds at 115.71 mph against a 5.85 dial-in with a  .023-reaction time.
 Kip Maddox Top
Chad Dotson (Greer Dragway) defeated final-round opponent Joel Stoudemire (Darlington Dragway). Dotson had a 6.42-second run at 103.26 mph with a .043 reaction time. Stoudemire posted a 5.93 elapsed time at 113.72 mph with a .081 reaction time. 
 Chad Dotson Mod
Jacob Waibel (Palm Beach International Raceway) captured the win with a 9.22 elapsed time at 76.28 mph and coupled it with a .138 reaction time. Brandy Sells (Elk Creek Dragway) went 10.82 seconds at 66.44 mph but red lighted with a -.001 reaction time. 
 Jacob Waibel Sportsman
Junior Dragster
Gabe WIlliamson (Darlington Dragway) had a .049 reaction time at 8.93 seconds and 71.95 mph. Dylan White (Darlington Dragway) finished runner-up with an 8.01 elapsed time at 71.29 mph but red lighted with a -.008 reaction time. 
 Gabriel Williamson Junior
Friday Gambler’s Race
Top — Rusty Maddox (Greer Dragway) 4.42 on a 4.42 dial-in, .014 reaction time defeated Travis Rollins (Union County Dragway) 5.64 on a 5.64 dial-in, .019 reaction time.
Mod — Tommy Duff (Coastal Plains Dragway) 7.12 on a 7.12 dial-in, .039 reaction time defeated Timmy Alexander (Farmington Dragway) 6.52 on a 6.53 dial-in, .050 reaction time.
Junior — Kristen Brady (Farmington Dragway) 8.10 on a 8.08 dial-in, .047 reaction time defeated Jadyn Price (Union County Dragway) 7.94 on a 7.92 dial-in, .048 reaction time.
Saturday Gambler’s Race
Top — Kevin Burkett (Coastal Plains Dragway) 4.83 on a 4.81 dial-in, .528 reaction time defeated Robert Hefti (Farmington Dragway) 4.55 on a 4.50 dial-in, .526 reaction time.
Mod — Perry Green (Costal Plains Dragway) 7.03 on a 7.02 dial-in, .533 reaction time defeated Aaron Brock (Darlington Dragway) 7.07 on a 7.07 dial-in, .545 reaction time.
Junior — Cam Whisnant (Farmington Dragway) 8.01 on a 8.03 dial-in, .525 reaction time defeated Stephen Rodgers (Ware Shoals Dragway) 8.98 on a 8.98 dial-in, .494 reaction time.
Race of Champions
Top— Todd Sinclair (Union County Dragway) 4.84 on a 4.82 dial-in, .522 reaction time defeated Steve Hilburn (Darlington Dragway) 5.29 on a 5.28 dial-in, .555 reaction time.
Mod — Aaron Brock (Darlington Dragway) 7.08 on an 7.07 dial-in, .528 reaction time defeated SJimmy Reeves (Elk Creek Dragway) 6.12 on a 6.10 dial-in, .538 reaction time.
Junior — Brian Yerger (Farmington Dragway) 7.96 on an 7.99 dial-in, .542 reaction time defeated Madalin Simmons (South Carolina Motorplex) 7.56 on a 7.54 dial-in, .498 reaction time.
Special Awards
Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Todd Sinclair, Union County Dragway
Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Rusty Maddox, Greer Dragway
Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Robert Rayfield, Pageland Dragway
Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Wayne Covick, Pageland Dragway
Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Callie Hall, Greer Dragway
Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Adam Agee, Greer Dragway
Best Decorated Grandstands — Darlington Dragway
Best Appearing Team — Coastal Plains Dragway
Track of the Year- Pageland Dragway
Team Standings
Greer Dragway Team
1.Greer Dragway 65
2.Darlington Dragway 57
3.Farmington Dragway 48
4.Ware Shoals Dragway 42
5.Union County Dragway 33
6.Coastal Plains Dragway 20
7.Pageland Dragway 19
8.Elk Creek Dragway 13
9.South Carolina Motorplex 11
10.Palm Beach International Raceway 2
11.Cherokee Dragway 1
Last modified on Monday, 05 October 2020

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