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Maryland International Raceway Captures IHRA Division 1 Summit Team Finals Championship

Monday, 02 October 2017

Maryland International Raceway drivers repeated as champions at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 1 (Patriots) Summit Team Finals held at their home track in Budds Creek, Maryland.

MDIR’s final margin of victory was 56-44 over Capitol Raceway.

Other tracks who participated were: US 13 Dragway, Sumerduck Dragway and Richmond Dragway. Leading up to the main event, drivers participated in other races including Gambler’s Racers and a Beer Run Bonanza. “Best Of” awards were also awarded.

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Main Event:


Capitol Raceway drivers Eric Tenney and Chris Cepeika met in the final. Tenney went on a 6.439-second run on a 6.44 dial-in, combined with a .004 reaction time, while Cepeika broke.


Tim Foskey from US 13 Dragway matched his 6.71 dial-in at 101.08 mph, and paired it with a .034 reaction time. Janet Baden of Capitol Raceway ran a 6.609 against a 6.05 dial-in at 107.51 mph, along with a .020 reaction time.



AJ Jenkins from Maryland International Raceway won on a holeshot with a .030 reaction time to .071 for runner-up Nathan Tanner from Richmond Dragway. Jenkins went down the track in 7.962 seconds at 77.34 mph against a 7.92 dial-in. Tanner made an 8.842-second pass at 77.08 mph to match his dial-in.


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Other Results

Team Captains Race

Mark Cathell of US 13 Dragway won the Team Captains Race when Maryland International Raceway’s Royce Miller red-lighted. Cathell had a 13.114-second run against a 13.05 dial-in. Miller went down the track in 10.938 seconds against a 10.54 dial-in.


Friday’s Gambler’s Race

Box — Glenn Reese (US 13) 5.137 on a 5.13 dial-in, .003 reaction time defeated Rickey Nelson (Maryland) 5.027 on a 5.00 dial-in, .009 reaction time. 

No Box — Clark Wilson (Richmond) 6.729 on a 6.71 dial-in, .042 reaction time defeated Allen Wather (Maryland) 7.665 on a 7.67 dial-in, .052 reaction time.

Junior — Jacob Mattera (Maryland) 7.991 on a 7.95 dial-in, .039 reaction time defeated Nyck Shirkey (Capitol) 7.964 on a 7.93 dial-in, .068 reaction time.

Bogey (Top) — Bobby Bladen (Capitol) .003 package defeated Phillip Truitt (US 13) .006 package.

Bogey (Mod) — Patrick Estevez (Maryland) .021 package defeated Joe Echino (Maryland) .028 package.

Bogey (Junior) — Carter Foskey (US 131) .019 package defeated Hunter Foskey (Maryland) .051 package.


Saturday Beer Run Bonanza

  1. Capitol Raceway                                  64
  2. Maryland International Raceway           63
  3. US Dragway                                         59
  4. Sumerduck Dragway                            53
  5. Richmond Dragway                              39

Saturday’s Gambler’s Race

Box — Robbie Parlett (Maryland) 4.610 on a 4.61 dial-in, .030 reaction time defeated Eric Tenney (Capitol) 6.454 on a 6.44 dial-in, .020 reaction time.

No Box — Janet Baden (Capitol) 6.071 on a 6.06 dial-in, .014 reaction time defeated Kris Bunch (Sumerduck) 7.614 on a 7.62 dial-in, .020 reaction time.

Junior — Caitlyn Hooper (US 131) 7.915 on a 7.90 dial-in, .120 reaction time defeated Austin Hughes (Capitol) 7.929 on a 7.93 dial-in, -.001 reaction time.

Bogey (Top) — John Dustin (Capitol) .005 package defeated Ben Calhoun (Sumerduck) .014 package.

Bogey (Mod) — Keith Burch (Maryland) .023 package defeated George Wilson (Maryland) .031 package.

Bogey (Junior) — Jordan Mason (Maryland) .019 package defeated Caitlyn Hooper (Maryland) .033 package.


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Special Awards

  • Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Brent Martin, Maryland International Raceway
  • Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Jason Kirby, Maryland International Raceway 
  • Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Sean Lewis, Capitol Raceway
  • Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Bobby Bladen, Capitol Raceway
  • Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Gayge Farrell, Capitol Raceway
  • Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Michale Hankinson, Capitol Raceway
  • Best Team Spirit — Maryland International Raceway
  • Best Appearing Sponsor Banner — US 13 Dragway
  • Best Appearing Grandstands — Capitol Raceway
  • Best Appearing Team — US 13 Dragway

Team Standings

1.  Maryland International Raceway      56

2.  Capitol Raceway                             44

3. US 13 Dragway                                38

4. Sumerduck Dragway                        27

5. Richmond Dragway                          21

Last modified on Thursday, 12 October 2017

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