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Memphis International Raceway Takes IHRA Division 2 West Summit Team Finals Championship

Monday, 02 October 2017

Memphis International Raceway entered two teams in the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 2 West (Heat Wave) Summit Team Finals at its home track in Millington, Tenn. One of those teams came away with the championship.

MIR team No. 1 finished with 43 points to edge teams from Middle Tennessee Dragway and Brainerd Optimist Dragstrip, who both finished with 35 points.

Other tracks which participated were: Knoxville Dragstrip, Holly Springs Motorsports, London Dragway, Mountain Park Dragway, Gulfport Dragway, Ozark Dragway and Mo-Kan Dragway.

Leading up to the main event, drivers participated in other events including Gambler’s Racers and “Best Of” awards.

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Main Event: 


In a final of Middle Tennessee Dragway racers, Chad McKee took the win despite a .001 light by Tony Lafever. McKee had a .010 reaction time with a 5.219-second run at 126.32 mph against a 5.19 dial-in. Lafever posted a 5.811-second pass at 117.43 mph against a 5.82 dial-in.


Nick Lucas from Knoxville Dragstrip matched his dial-in with a 6.409-second run at 104.35 mph, along with a .018 reaction time. Scotty Richardson from Mountain Park Dragway had a 6.399 at 104.35 mph against a 6.40 dial-in and had a .022 reaction time.


Andrew Goss from Mo-Kan Dragway captured the win after Branson Jones from Brainerd Optimist Dragway red-lighted. Goss matched his dial-in with an 8.037-second run at 77.59 mph with a .095 reaction time. Jones was just a little quick at the tree before making an 8.934-second pass at 74.83 mph.


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Other Results

Track Operators Race

Bud Calhoun from Brainerd Optimist Dragstrip won on a holeshot with an awesome perfect .001 start. He scooted down the track in 12.056 seconds against an 11.85 dial-in. Chuck Wilkerson of Holly Springs Motorsports went 11.691 seconds with an 11.30 dial-in, paired with a .0631 reaction time.


Thursday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Branson Jones (Brainerd) 5.314 on a 5.29 dial-in, .004 reaction time defeated Chad Roach (Memphis 1) 5.209 on a 5.18 dial-in, .014 reaction time.

Mod — Josh Epperson (London) 6.454 on a 6.44 dial-in, .015 reaction time defeated Jeff Harmon (Middle Tennessee) 5.958 on a 5.94 dial-in, .042 reaction time.

Junior — Liberty West (Middle Tennessee) 7.993 on a 7.95 dial-in, .041 reaction time defeated Christopher Weber (London) 8.796 on an 8.84 dial-in, .041 reaction time.


Friday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Steven Farrow (Brainerd) 4.831 on a 4.81 dial-in, .029 reaction time defeated Randy Rice (Middle Tennessee) BROKE.

Mod — Lucas Walker (Mountain Park) 6.504 on a 6.05 dial-in, .021 reaction time defeated David Hammous (Gulfport) 6.896 on a 6.90 dial-in, .005 reaction time.

Junior — Sara Williamson (Knoxville) 7.885 on a 7.91 dial-in, .074 reaction time defeated Caleb Cate (Knoxville) 7.919 on a 7.90 dial-in, -.033 reaction time.


Saturday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Mikey Harville (Holly Springs) 6.306 on a 6.28 dial-in, .034 reaction time defeated Ron Minton (Memphis 1) 6.681 on a 6.81 dial-in, .087 reaction time. 

Mod — Doug Lephew (Knoxville) 6.195 on a 6.19 dial-in, .016 reaction time defeated Billy Foster Jr. (Memphis 2) 7.766 on a 7.78 dial-in, -.027 reaction time

Junior — Nicole Leo (Memphis 2) 7.902 on a 7.90 dial-in, .061 reaction time defeated Tara Taylor (Memphis 1) 7.985 on a 7.90 dial-in, .014 reaction time.


Saturday Last Chance

Top — Steven Farrow (Brainerd) 4.813 on a 4.81 dial-in, .041 reaction time defeated Rusty Ashmore (Holly Springs) 6.776 on a 6.76 dial-in, .030 reaction time.

Mod — Travis Loy (Knoxville) 6.735 dial-in on 6.71, .018 reaction time defeated Brent Hyatt (Knoxville) 6.305 on a 6.31 dial-in, -.030 reaction time.


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Special Awards

  • Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Keenan Myers
  • Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Michael Johnson
  • Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Brent Hyatt
  • Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Randy Chesnut
  • Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Gage Blair
  • Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Tanner Melton
  • Best Team Spirit — Knoxville Dragstrip
  • Best Appearing Sponsor Banner — Memphis International Raceway
  • Best Appearing Grandstands — London Dragway
  • Best Appearing Team — Middle Tennessee Dragway

Team Standings

1.  Memphis International Raceway No. 1         43

2.  Middle Tennessee Dragway                          35

3. Brainerd Optimist Dragstrip                           35

4. Knoxville Dragstrip                                         32

5. Mountain Park Dragway                                30

6. London Dragway                                            27

7. Holly Springs Motorsports                              13

8. Ozark Dragway                                               11

9. Memphis International Raceway No. 2           10

10. Gulfport Dragway                                           9

11. Mo-Kan Dragway                                            7

Last modified on Tuesday, 03 October 2017

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