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US 131 Motorsports Park Clinches the IHRA Division 5 Summit Team Finals Title

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ten teams battled it out at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit Team Finals at US 131 Motorsports Park last weekend. It was the host track that shined as they claimed two wins in Modified and Street plus they nabbed the Division 5 IHRA championship title.

The event weekend was highlighted by eliminations in Top, Modified, Street and Junior Dragster; two Gamblers races; a Team Captains race; and special “best of” awards. Tracks represented at the Summit Team Finals included: US 131 Motorsports Park, Grand Bend Motorplex, Marion County International Raceway, Osceola Dragway, Great Lakes Dragway, Cordova International Raceway, Ubly Dragway, Eddyville Raceway Park, Wisconsin International Raceway and Central Illinois Dragway.


Randy Norris representing Great Lakes Dragway paired up with Carter Voss from Eddyville Raceway Park in the Top ET final round. Norris claimed the IHRA Ironman when he posted a .0156 reaction time with a 5.0376 on a 5.02 dial-in at 132.43 mph against Voss’ .0350 reaction time, 5.3604 on a 5.35 dial-in at 130.17 mph pass.


Mark Howard with US 131 Motorsports Park was victorious in the Modified ET class when he won against Grand Bend Motorplex’s Dave Moon. Howard ran a 6.0668 on a 6.06 dial-in at 114.21 mph with a .0353 reaction time against Moon’s .0229 reaction time, 6.9555 on a 6.96 dial-in at 98.79 mph pass.


Donnie Hagar and Taylor Green both from US 131 Motorsports Park went up against each other in the Street final round at the Summit Team Finals. Hagar won the battle as he displayed a .0076 reaction time, 8.9900 on an 8.91 dial-in at 73.67 mph run. Green finished in the runner-up position with a 7.7138 on a 7.7 dial-in, 88.06 mph pass with a .0911 reaction time.

Junior Dragster

Luke Schwemler representing Grand Bend Motorplex and Libby Ledford representing US 131 Motorsports Park advanced to the final round in Junior Dragster. Schwemler claimed the win as Ledford jumped the tree and red-lit. Schwemler ran a 7.8870 on a 7.90 dial-in, 82.84 mph pass with a .0155 reaction time.

Friday’s Gamblers Race

  • Top – Bill Swain from US 131 Motorsports Park defeated George Wroblewski from Osceola Dragway.
  • Modified – Steve Masik from US 131 Motorsports Park defeated fellow US 131 Motorsports Park teammate Darrell Ciaravino.
  • Junior Dragster – Cordova International Raceway’s Samuel Hassler and Bobby Ince Jr. advanced to the final round. Hassler claimed the win.


Saturday’s Gamblers Race

  • Top – Bob Bash from Eddyille Raceway Park defeated Tim Vincent from Great Lakes Dragway.
  • Modified – Taylor Green from US 131 Motorsports Park defeated Kelly Smith also from US 131 Motorsports Park.
  • Junior Dragster – Mason Osborne from Wisconsin International Raceway defeated Jesse Searson from Grand Bend Motorplex.

Special Awards

  • Best Appearing Open Bodied Car  - Grand Bend Motorplex, Ed Smith
  • Best Engineered Open Bodied Car - Osceola Dragway, George Wroblewski
  • Best Appearing Full Bodied Car - Grand Bend Motorplex, Tony Youssef
  • Best Engineered Full Bodied Car - Eddyville Dragway, Carter Vos
  • Best Appearing Motorcycle - Eddyville Dragway, Dave Easter
  • Best Engineered Motorcycle - Marion County, Dave Woodruff
  • Best Appearing Junior Dragster - Cordova International Raceway, Kamdon Holldorf
  • Best Engineered Junior Dragster - Eddyville Dragway, Tasha Kirk
  • Best Team Spirit - Osceola Dragway
  • Best Appearing Sponsor Banner - Eddyville Dragway
  • Best Appearing Team - Grand Bend Motorplex
  • Best Appearing Grandstands - Marion County

Division 5 Summit Team Finals Point Standings

  1. US 131 Motorsports Park  79
  2. Grand Bend Motorplex  58
  3. Marion County International Raceway  40
  4. Osceola Dragway  30
  5. Great Lakes Dragway  25
  6. Cordova International Raceway  13
  7. Ubly Dragway  12
  8. Eddyville Raceway Park  6
  9. Wisconsin International Raceway  6
  10. Central Illinois Dragway  1
Last modified on Tuesday, 20 September 2016

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