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Thompson Raceway Park Highlights the Division 3 IHRA Summit Team Finals at Keystone Raceway Park

Monday, 12 September 2016

The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) hosted the Division 3 IHRA Summit Team Finals at Keystone Raceway Park over the weekend. The racers battled teams from around their region as well as the weather to claim a coveted Ironman and make a bid to advance to the Summit World Finals in Memphis, Tennessee next month.

Thompson Raceway Park walked away with five trophies at the Summit Team Finals but it was Keystone Raceway Park that claimed the overall title as the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania track won the battle in the point standings. Keystone Raceway Park finished off the season with 56.5 points followed by Quaker Motorsports Park with 51, Empire Dragway 46.5. Beaver Springs 45 and Lancaster National Dragway 45.

Top ET

Dale Duche representing Keystone Raceway Park went up against Albert Donell from Quaker Motorsports Park in the Top ET final round and landed in the winner’s circle. Duche posted a .0362 reaction time with a 4.6363 on a 4.63 dial-in at 148.08 mph over Donell’s .0310 reaction time, 5.5298 on a 5.53 dial-in at 122.45 mph.

Modified ET

Thompson Raceway Park’s Vic Ellinger brought home the IHRA Ironman in the Modified ET class at Keystone Raceway Park. Ellinger paired up with Kerry Balaska from Keystone Park Raceway in the final round. His .0190 reaction time, 6.3949 on a 6.39 dial-in at 107.89 mph run withstood Balaska’s .0134 reaction time, 7.1455 on a 7.11 dial-in at 92.92 mph.


Thompson Raceway Park driver David Mann claimed the second Ironman for the team in Street over the weekend. Mann faced off against “Fast” Eddie Samlitsch from Empire Dragway in the final round. He posted a .0333 reaction time, 7.6870 second pass on a 7.68 dial-in at 85.20 mph against Samlitsch’s .0473 reaction time, 8.8212 on an 8.81 dial-in, 75.76 mph run,

Junior Dragster

Lane Kahley with Beaver Springs Dragway and Kyle Hughes with Quaker Motorsports Park advanced to the final round in Junior Dragster. Kahley wound up victorious with a .0928 reaction time, 7.9442 on a 9.92 dial-in at 81.12 mph against Hughes’ .0565 reaction time, 8.8919 on an 8.90 dial-in, 73.75 mph pass.


John Kalkner from Thompson Raceway Park and Don Becker from Empire Dragway went into the final round in the bike class. Falkner added to the team trophy tally as he claimed the victory against Becker. Both of them fouled at the line but Kalkner’s -.0017 at 107.07 mph, 6.3833 second on a 6.24 dial-in was posted as the winning pass.

In addition, David Benedict with Thompson Raceway Park defeated Sheryl Harvey (Empire Dragway) in the Team Captain’s Race, Marky Brewer won the High Rollers Golf Cart Reaction Time contest, Brandon Flick represented Beaver Springs Dragway and took the top spot in the Early Birds Junior Dragster class against Gavin Cuini from Thompson Raceway Park, Chris Black claimed the No Box Early Bird Gamblers trophy against Kevin Whitmer with Beaver Springs Dragway and Andrew Feltman with Beaver Springs Dragway won the Box Early Bird Gamblers race against Wayne Cleveland (Lancaster National Dragway).

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