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Jeff Birchfield

Jeff Birchfield

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — The IHRA Sportsman Spectacular presented by Moser Engineering will be taking place both in the Southwest and Midwest on Saturday, June 22.

Albuquerque Dragway will feature Super Pro (Box), Pro (No Box), Sportsman, Motorcycle and Junior Dragster classes. Muncie Dragway hosts the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular as part of the three-day Big Bucks Shootout weekend. Each event is tailored to the host track’s racing programs.

HOUSE SPRINGS, MO — Gunnar Fasano is following in his big sister’s tire tracks at Great Lakes Dragaway.

His sister, Quinn, was recently highlighted by the International Hot Rod Association. Now, Gunnar is the subject of the latest Junior Dragster racer profile.

HOUSE SPRINGS, MO — The IHRA Division 9 (Raiders) Summit Team Finals set for Sept. 26-28 have been moved from Darlington Dragway to Piedmont Dragway due to a scheduling conflict.

IHRA President Mel Roth issued a personal apology to the Darlington Dragway staff, racers and especially track president Jeff Miles who were looking forward to having the IHRA Summit Team Finals at their home track. This change falls 100 percent on IHRA. 

MUNCIE, IN — Muncie Dragway is hosting the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular presented by Moser as part of the three-day Big Bucks Shootout on June 21-23. The track will host an IHRA Ironman Classic the following Saturday, July 29.

The Big Bucks Shootout starts Friday night with Gamblers races that pay $1,000 to the Box winner and $800 to the No Box winner. There is a $50 entry fee for Box and a $40 entry fee for No Box.

ROGERSVILLE, MO — Ozark Raceway Park won Mass Traction and Rocket Track Glue’s contest for a 150-feet rebuild in December at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show.

Track operator Craven Moore made sure his racers at the Rogersville, Missouri venue were winners too. He requested that 320 feet of concrete was scraped and ground. The transition between concrete and asphalt was also fixed at the IHRA-sanctioned facility.

HOUSE SPRINGS, MO — Drivers from the Midwest to the South to the big island of Hawaii will have the chance to compete in IHRA Ironman Classic races over the next months.

It starts next weekend with Bunker Hill Dragstrip in Indiana hosting an Ironman race on Saturday, June 15 and the nation’s oldest continually operating drag strip, Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin, holding an Ironman Classic on Sunday, June 16.

HOUSE SPRINGS, MO — The International Hot Rod Association has highlighted the Junior Dragster racers who are drag racing’s future over the past year.

Quinn Fasano, a 10-year-old from Salem, Wisconsin, is the latest Junior Dragster driver to be in the spotlight. She has been racing a 2005 Halfscale SuperLite car the last two years at the iconic Great Lakes Dragaway.

UNION GROVE, WI — Great Lakes Dragaway has hosted a multitude of great events over the track’s unmatched history. 

There will be another special event next Sunday, June 16 when the iconic facility nicknamed “The Biggest Little Track in the World” hosts the IHRA Ironman Classic.

ALBQUERQUE, NM — The Land of Enchantment will be the land of top-notch bracket racing Saturday, June 22 when Albuquerque Dragway hosts the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular presented by Moser Engineering.

Racers in Super Pro (Box), No Box, Sportsman, Motorcycle and Junior Dragster classes will compete for prestigious IHRA Ironman trophies and the very popular oversized championship checks. IHRA members will also be in the running for limited-edition Sportsman Spectacular commemorative medals.

MARION, SD — Thunder Valley Dragways began a major track renovation of the full asphalt race surface on Monday, May 13 and got it done in time to host a pair of big Memorial Day weekend events.

After the work started on Monday, the asphalt was ground out and a new mat was installed by Friday afternoon. On Sunday, the work began preparing the new asphalt for the Memorial Day weekend. Nine gallons of Dawn dish soap along with several thousand gallons of water were scrubbed into the track by two very dedicated local racers.

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