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Customer Service a Core Value at JR Race Car

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

To the untrained Junior Dragster eye, a quick look at the JR Race Car website shows what appears to be just about anything a family interested in starting a Junior Dragster program for a child would need to get started.  They have chassis, engines, clutches, wheels, tires, flywheels and much more – all the necessary parts and pieces.

JR Race Car is the official sponsor of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Junior Dragster class and the JR Race Car Junior Dragster class that competes in both the IHRA Summit Sportsman National Championship and the Summit SuperSeries. And the Junior Dragster champion in the Summit SuperSeries will win, among other things, a turn-key JR Race Car Junior Dragster with custom painting from Imagine That Customs.  The JR Race Car Junior Dragster program is designed to allow racers between the ages of seven and 17 the opportunity to race against their peers in near-replica models of the cars in which professional drivers compete. 

“Becoming the official Junior Dragster company for the IHRA has empowered our company to work on expanding junior drag racing technology for the future,” JR Race Car sales manager Kevin Horner said.  “The drag racing industry consistently needs to have change and advancements in technology to move forward.  The IHRA has listened to the changes that are needed in our industry which is very exciting.  Thank you, IHRA.”


The Junior Dragster program might be the most important in the entire Drag Racing world – it truly is the future of the sport, and encouraging interest is vital.  Need to know how to break in an engine?  Wire a kill switch? Learn about clutch vocabulary?  All of that information and much more is available on the JR Race Car website. But what might be even more valuable is the helpful manner in which the Greely, Colo., company posts its information, explains its products and answers questions for Junior Dragster families from beginner to expert. 

Posted on the website is, “Customer service has always been a core value at JR Race Car.  We are here to support the junior community with advice and suggestions about all makes and models.”


In 1992, JR Race Car began manufacturing parts for the new Junior Drag Racing program. The company initially offered components such as turn-key Junior Dragster chassis, engines, clutches and chassis components which JR Race Car manufactured in house from the beginning. 

Through more than two decades in Junior Drag Racing, JR Race Car has led the way in Junior Dragster manufacturing from initially machining a large portion of the CNC parts for other vendors in the market to designing and machining its own ZR, Titan and ZR4 Engines and revolutionizing the market with the Shockwave and Shockwave OD CVT (centrifugally variable transmission) clutches and the innovative Hercules Chassis.  For additional information about JR Race Car, please visit www.jrracecar.com

Last modified on Tuesday, 25 July 2017

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