b'THE BEST PARTS BUILD THE BEST TRANSMISSIONS!ATI offers Lock-Up options on Superglide 4 and T400 Max Duty transmissions and are available with Bolt-Together Converters! ATI can even convert your current PG or T400 transmission to Lock-up, with small or big input shafts!T400 MAX DUTYSUPERGLIDE 4LOCK UP LOCK-UPT350 SUPERCASET400 ratios from 1.51PG ratios from 1.58TRANSMISSIONSto 2.75 available! to 2.18 available!30W 0W-8 20WSUPER F ATF BOLT TOGETHER2-PIECE OUTPUTS INTERMEDIATECONVERTERS AND INPUT SHAFTSROLLER BEARINGBILLET ALUMNUMDIRECT FIT SFIGEAR SETSEXTENSION HOUSINGS VALVE BODIES BELL HOUSINGSDriving Technology to the Finish Line!ATI now carriesRock Racing Racing Ethanol! Batteries112 & 115 octane OneNow available from ATI, 12V and Ethanol fuels are derived16V Rock Racing Batteries and from the purest ethanol basechargers. Ideal for Sportsman stock made in America, andLate Model Racers. contain over 85% ethanol. 5 gallon pails or 54 gallon drums. BUY ONLINE!ATIDRAGRACING.COM//877-298-4598 2019 ATI Performance Products, Inc.36'