b'TRACKSPOTLIGHTWe have bracket racers, small-tire racers and others come from Mexico, Rodriguez said. Wherever theyre from, all of them love to race here. Another advantage is where were 40 feet above sea level, the racers get the full potential out of their cars. EdinburgWhen they go north, they dont run as fast. Down here, making power is so Motorsportsimportant. Park BringsThere is certainly a strong contingent of racers in the IHRA Summit SuperSeries.Racingthey really love it. Racers will come from as San Antonio and further to Todd Robinson (Top) and Paulsupport the IHRA series. The IHRA ExcitementEbrom (Mod) represented Edinburgmakes a big impact with our racing Motorsports Park at the 2019 IHRAcommunity.to Rio GrandeSummit SuperSeries World Finals. For more information about Valley Our bracket racers are very strong,Edinburg Motorsports Park Rodriguez said. The track has beenclick here. around since the 1950s and bracket racing has been here for over 40 years. Its really forged in here and Edinburg Motorsports Park, an International Hot RodOf course, we have our drag racing and being so Association (IHRA) member-track, is the top racingversatile, we do top-end racing, no prep racing and facility in South Texas Rio Grande Valley. bracket racing. We have a race called All-in-One and what we do is we introduce people to mud racing and First used as a drag strip in 1953, the former Mooredrag racing at the same time. I think were the only track Field Auxiliary Air Strip, is part of a 500-acre, multi- in the country that has a bracket race going on the same motorsports facility. Besides EMPs 1/4-mile IHRA dragtime as a mud race. strip, there is a mud drag track, an autocross course and a motocross track.We put bleachers in the middle of both tracks so the customer could enjoy both kinds of racing. Its our third In an effort to make the facility more spectator friendly,year doing this and its an awesome experience with our Edinburg Motorsports Park C.E.O. Albert Rodriguez hasspectator count going up for both bracket racing and placed grandstands where people can watch action frommud racing. The customers get more bang for their buck both the drag strip and the mud drag track. and theyre introduced to something new.With us being the only track around 300 miles, we caterWith warm weather throughout the year, the racing to all kinds of racers, Rodriguez said. We even havecalendar stays busy year-round. Located less than 30 drone-racing and radio-controlled car racing events. Withmiles from Mexico, its truly an international facility with the mud strip, its 240 feet long and we have a timingseveral Mexican racers coming to compete.system and drag lights for it.18 19'