b'RACERSPOTLIGHTchampionship diamond ring, a worldSchuberts chassis shop, BassCarl came up to me and said that championship Ironman Trophy andEquipment and his mom all rootedI need to sell my wife Kim on the IHRA Gold Card. him on through the points races attrip to Aruba if I win, he jokingly Mo-Kan Dragway. said. I am thrilled that I get bring While Avondet said his wife Kim andher to Aruba to celebrate this kids Addison and Kellen couldnt beCarl Blanton owns Mo-Kan Dragwayaccomplishment. there because of prior commitments,and the competition there is fierce they were cheering him on from theiron weekly basis, Avondet said. After winning, Avondet couldnt home.You will see 40-60 footbrake racerswait to tell his wife and kids what in the class on average. Every racerhappened. He described winning as I frankly wasnt paying a ton ofwho competes a Mo-Kan is tougha surreal experience, one that seems attention to the Summit Worldwhich helped me in Memphis whenalmost too good to be true.Finals, Avondet said. The pointsI faced so many good racers from championship at Mo-Kan Dragwayaround the country. I wake up in the morning and have (Asbury, Mo.) was settled the weekto make sure it wasnt a dream, before the Summit World Finals andThe day Avondet won trackAvondet said. I can tell it isnt a I was concentrated on winning thechampionship, Blanton asked himdream when I see my kids riding on track championship. if we would be going to Memphisthe Darts Carts golf cart. to represent Mo-Kan at the IHRA Mo-Kan Draway has 12-14 bracketSummit SuperSeries World Finals. points race per year and it can beAvondet wasnt sure it would be difficult making all the races due topossible due to his son having a family obligations. Avondet won thechampionship football game and his second race of the year and at thatdaughter having an end of season point, he was committed to runningvolleyball tournament that same Avondetfor the championship.weekend.Scores Biggest Career Win at IHRA Summit SuperSeries World FinalsDrivers across numerous racing disciplines call racesThe car, which has been updated over the last 21 years, such as the Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500 and Monacoremains incredibly consistent at the track.Grand Prix the biggest win of their careers. The same can be said for Dustin Avondet from Pierce City, Mo., whoAvondet had great lights throughout the day. He started captured the Mod (No Box) IHRA Summit SuperSerieswith a .014 in the opening round, had a perfect .000 in World Championship at Memphis International Raceway,the semifinals and followed with .040 in the final round Millington, Tenn.to propel him to the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Championship. Representing Mo-Kan Dragway, Avondet had a 6.144-second pass at 110.64 mph in the final round toThis win means a lot to my family and me, Avondet claim the Mod World Championship over Chris Rothsaid. My dad, who has been with me since day one, representing Mid-Michigan.was with me in Memphis. Having him there to celebrate made it even more special. This is by far the biggest win Avondet drives a 1969 Dodge Dart which ironicallyof my career and it is special to called an IHRA World has been the same car that he has raced since he wasChampion.17-years-old. He credited the win on Saturday due to the consistent lights he cut, Brian Jones and WilbanksWith the win Avondet won $20,000 from Summit Racing Auto and Machine for a keeping the car in top shapeEquipment, a seven-night/eight-day vacation for two on throughout the year.the island of Aruba, a golf cart from Darts Carts, a world 24 25'