b'Computech Introduces the RaceAir Cloud, the Next Generation of Racing Weather StationsComputech, an official partner of theThe RaceAir Cloud incorporatesreliable way to ensure you can get upNo corners have been cut when it comes to making the International Hot Rod Associationthe ability to add wind speed andto date weather to the staging lanesinstallation as clean and seamless as possible. Youre (IHRA), has introduced the nextwind direction. Knowing the windregardless of cell service. When usedprovided with everything you needoutdoor pole generation of racing weatherspeed and direction can go a longin the RaceBase Logbook programmounting brackets designed to fit in existing trailer stations, the RaceAir Cloud. way to getting your car dialed down,or the Crew Chief Pager enabledflashing screw holes and an indoor trailer storage especially true for Jr. Dragster andsoftware you can also get up to datebracket to keep your Cloud safe during transport. You The weather station has beenslower ET cars that are more likelyET Predictions. also have the option for either a 4-8 foot or 6-12-foot engineered from the ground up toto be affected by tail and head winds. expandable cam lock pole as well as trailer storage give every race the most accurateYou can get updated ET and Throttlebrackets for the pole to ensure they are secured during weather information exactly whenIf purchased with the optional pagingStop predictions as well as all yourtransport. Setting up and flying your RaceAir Cloud is as and where they need it. feature, you will receive your ownweather variables direct to yoursimple as plugging the Cloud in, placing it on the pole, closed-circuit paging network thatphone. With our easy START/STOPplacing the pole in the supplied brackets and firing up does NOT need any internet or cellfeature you can text START to thethe software.phone service. This is the mostRaceBase number when you get to the staging lanes to get updatedClick here for more information about Computech.predictions. Then just send STOP when youre ready to race.The text message feature will require an internet connection at the trailer. However, by using phone and tablet hot spots this has become easier than ever. Many cell phone providers also allow you to add a tablet to your plan at an affordable rate allowing you to turn the tablet into a hotspot instead of a phone.The new sunlight intensity meter will give you a definitive value for how intense the sunlight was during the pass. With drag racing, your traction and how your car reacts is different when the sun has been pounding down on the track versus when the clouds are rolling in. With the new Sunlight value, you can now measure in the suns intensity in terms of Lux x 1,000. This allows you to see exactly when clouds came in and what effect they had on other weather variables and your 26 performance. 27'