43 made lots of runs down the driveway before she started racing for real. As sure as you can be with a nine-year old, but she’s very oriented to what’s around her. She’s not a dingy little blond girl. She’s grown up at the race track so she knows the ins and outs. She knows what to do if there’s a crisis. I’d put in my Super Stocker today and never blink an eye. She’s actually made a couple of passes in my nephew’s stocker that my Dad also owns. She likes a dragster so we’ll explore Quick Rod. That’s a little out of our range of knowledge because we’re class racers, but if that’s what makes her happy, we’ll figure it out.” she gets to keep driving, she’ll be happy – drag racing and music are clearly her comfort zones. “I’m pretty OK with just Stock and Super Stock even if I don’t get into Quick Rod or anything like that. My friends here honestly mean more to me than the people at my school just because I grew up with all of these people, and they have the same passion I do. People at school don’t understand drag racing. It’s really hard to explain what you do to someone that has no idea what you’re talking about. I can talk to the people around here about our cars for hours, and we always have something to talk about.” “I never worry about her – I believe in my heart that she’s safer in this car than she is driving down Interstate 85,” Mom said. “We didn’t let her start until she was nine, and she COMING SOON TO THE JUNIOR DRAGSTER MARKET! Order line: 1-800-557-5430 | Tech Line 1-970-336-5930 Visit our website: www.jrracecar.com – Like us on Facebook Easier to tune Better consistency Improved Reliability with stronger internal engine components