35 “It’s kind of a learning curve and at times, difficult,” he said. “Every stop setting is different for the cars so that’s the challenge dealing with those. But, I’m a math ace so I’ve always enjoyed the throttle- stop racing, and felt like I had an advantage by having a math degree.” He also has a ton of experience. He started racing Junior Dragsters at age 14 and his passion for the sport has never wavered. He relocated to Texas and later to Indiana with his job in recent years, but it didn’t keep him from rocketing down the drag strip. Now back home in suburban Buffalo, he’s more excited than ever about racing. “When I moved to Texas, that was really the first time I was on my own,” he said. “In Buffalo, I had a really good support system. I brought a car down to race, but I would fly back to Buffalo for some of the bigger races in my dad’s roadster or another man’s cars. I was determined though to stay active in the IHRA when I was away.” also picked up the 1997 Mustang that I run in No-Box racing and in IHRA Hot Rod.” He describes it like a full- time second job, although he’s quick to point out it’s too much fun to be a full-time job. He loves the challenges of racing three different machines as it forces him to rely as much on his brain as his quick reflexes.