“It’s an awesome honor, nothing like it,” he said. “Sometimes you get to the track, and you can tell that you have a target on your back. But, it’s awesome feeling to drive a Moser race car.” He competes with other drag racing organizations, but is quick to point out how the IHRA Summit Sportsman National Championship format is his favorite. He likes how it’s a program designed to create great value for the Sportsman, grassroots racer. “We’ve loved the double-race format with a lot of runs,” he said. “If you don’t do well the first day, you have that second day to fall back on. We like that format a lot more than what other organizations have where you’re sitting there three or four days and only getting three or four runs. Over at IHRA, we might get 10 runs in one day. You have that seat time and you double your chances to win that Ironman, so it’s really cool.” Super Packages SUPER PACKAGES FOR 79-04 MUSTANGS & 78-88 G-BODY AND THE NEW 68-72 A-BODY SUPER PACKAGES The Super packages are designed for those owners wanting to run a bigger rear tire and upgrade from the stock rear suspension while also allowing the possibility of installing a mini-tub for the rear wheel openings. • Double adjustable upper & lower control arms • Allows for bigger rear tire through mini-tubing • Multiple housing adjustment points • Coil over mounts included • Built-in anti-roll THE NEW STANDARD IN PRO EXTREME AXLE DESIGN - EXTREME WARRANTY WITH AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! • 40 spline, Pro-flanged, gun-drilled axle manufactured out of premium quality alloy steel • Forged from Moser Engineering designed tooling, induction heat-treated to optimize torsional strength, and 100� magnafluxed. • Axles feature a shaft size of 1.705" and oversized 1.774" bearing seats. Moser Pro Extreme Axles MOSER PERFORMANCE DRAG BRAKE KIT OFFERS OPTIONAL STAINLESS STEEL ROTORS AND PAD COMBINATION • Competition Race Series 4 Piston Aluminum rear brake kit. • Dual pad pin design with 0-rings to eliminate pad chatter • 25% more pad contact area than other competing calipers • New Stainless Steel Rotor and Pad option give better control for aggressive braking styles Call TODAY! 260-726-6689 www.moserengineering.com