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Weekend Recap, IHRA Summit Sportsman National Championship at MDIR

Monday, 17 July 2017

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. — The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit Sportsman National Championship made its 10th stop in the 15-stop series on July 14-16 at Maryland International Raceway.

It was a banner weekend for North Carolina racer Clayton Roberts, who swept Top Dragster races and doubled up in Top Dragster and Top Sportsman on Sunday. Jeff Gardiner doubled up in Hot Rod and Stock on Saturday, while Jacob Elrod in Super Rod and Paige Montgomery in Junior Dragster scored weekend sweeps in their respective classes.

Competitors entered the weekend events in the following classes: Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Quick Rod, Super Rod, Hot Rod, Super Stock, Stock and Junior Dragster. Full results are available here: http://dragstory.com/forum/index.php/board,310.0.html; a weekend recap of Maryland action is below:

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Top Dragster: Clayton Roberts from Willow Springs, N.C., scored his first win of the weekend with a perfect start and a near-perfect run in the Top Dragster final. With a .000 light, Roberts rocketed down the track in 7.066 seconds at 187.76 mph against a 7.05 dial-in. Fellow Tar Heel driver Chris Dean from Sanford, N.C., matched his dial-in at 7.457 and 176.47 mph, along with a .013 reaction time.


Top Sportsman: An all-Virginia final followed in Top Sportsman eliminations where Mark Payne from Waynesboro won on a holeshot with a .003 reaction time. Payne finished in 6.931 seconds at 197.10 mph against a 6.92 dial-in. Glenn Teets III from Manassas, ran 6.881 seconds at 200.02 mph against a 6.87 dial-in and had a .019 reaction time.


Quick Rod: A quick start also led to Mickey Nelson’s win in the Quick Rod final. Nelson, from Leonardtown, Md., paired a .016 reaction time with an 8.928-second pass at 166.03 mph. Runner-up Wally Roberts had a .042 reaction time and then posted an 8.911-second run at 166.62 mph.


Super Rod: The holeshot also determined the Super Rod final as Jacob Elrod from Harrod, Ohio had a .012 reaction time in his first half of a weekend sweep. Elrod zoomed down the track in 9.970 seconds at 151.24 mph. Runner-up Bill Nuzzo from Irwin, Pa., was .040 at the start on his pass of 9.969 seconds and 133.42 mph.


Hot Rod: Jeff Gardiner from Waldorf took the top spot in an all-Maryland Hot Rod final. He put together a package of 10.918 seconds and 132.61 mph, along with a .035 reaction time. Dale Koncen from Chaptico, who won the previous Saturday at Keystone, finished in 10.917 seconds and 131.60 mph, and had a .041 reaction time.


Super Stock: Nick Chiles from Fredricksburg, Va., cut a .022 light to beat Jim Euanuik from Niversailles, Pa., for the Super Stock title. Chiles made a 9.034-second pass at 140.24 mph against a 9.01 dial-in. Euanuik, who had a .190 reaction time, had a 9.000-second run at 149.18 mph against an 8.96 dial-in.


Stock: It was the second win of the day for Jeff Gardiner from Waldorf, Md., who won on a holeshot against Myron Piatek, from Holly Hill, Fla. Besides a .019 to .044 advantage in reaction time, Gardiner was solid by going 10.972 seconds at 116.02 mph against a 10.95 dial-in. Piatek went down the track in 11.370 seconds against an 11.35 dial-in and posted a speed of 114.39 mph.


Junior Dragster: Paige Montgomery from Alden, N.Y., captured the Junior Dragster title when hometown driver A.J. Jenkins from Mechanicsville, Md., red-lighted in the final. Montgomery had a 7.977-second pass at 81.76 mph, along with a .041 reaction time. Jenkins matched the dial-in time with a 7.979-second pass at 81.42 mph.


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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Top Dragster: Clayton Roberts from Willow Spring, N.C., completed the Top Dragster weekend sweep with a 7.080-second run at 188.38 mph against a 7.06 dial-in, along with a .019 reaction time. Justen Moser from Portland, Ind., went down the track in 6.327 seconds at 216 mph against a 6.30 dial-in, and had a .024 reaction time.


Top Sportsman: For the third time over the weekend, Clayton Roberts from Willow Spring, N.C., was celebrating victory after winning the Top Sportsman final on a holeshot. Roberts held a .025 to .049 advantage at the start as Glenn Teets III from Manassas, Va., finished runner-up for a second straight day. Roberts finished with a 7.373-second run at 179.83 against a 7.35 dial-in. Facing a 6.89 dial-in, Teets ran 6.875 and 194.81 mph.


Quick Rod: Chad Duke from Wilmington, N.C., won a competitive Quick Rod final with an 8.914-second pass at 168.07 mph. Runner-up Bobby Spence from Rockville, Md., was slightly better at the start .016 to .020, but wasn’t as quick down the track, going 8.929 seconds at 171.16 mph.


Super Rod: With the chance for the weekend sweep, Jacob Elrod from Harrod, delivered in Super Rod. Elrod went down the drag strip in 9.947 seconds at 151.70 mph with a .014 reaction time. Bernard Weaver from Madison, Va., finished in 9.899 seconds and 149.81 mph, and had a .026 reaction time.


Hot Rod: Patrick Forster from Pittsburgh, Pa., won for a second straight Sunday in the Hot Rod final. Forster followed up his Keystone win by going 11.025 seconds and 130.52 mph. Roger Williams from Moycock, N.C., ran 11.062 seconds at 125.67 mph. Forster was a little better at the line as well with a .032 to .047 advantage in reaction time.


Super Stock: In a race which both drivers matched their dial-in times, a quick reaction time led to another Chiles victory in Super Stock. David Chiles from Reedville, Va., won the holeshot .012 to .135 over Jim Euanuik from Niversailles, Pa., and paired it with a 9.347-second run at 136.11 mph. Euanuik, who was runner-up for a second straight day, had a pass of 9.037 seconds and 148.85 mph.


Stock: Pie Dent from Charlotte Hall, Md., came closer to his dial-in time to beat Myron Piatek from Holly Hill, Fla., who was runner-up again, in the Stock final.  Dent made a 10.456-second pass at 124.27 mph against a 10.47 dial-in. Despite being better at the tree, .041 to .121, Piatek failed to capitalize with an 11.247-second run at 107.19 mph against an 11.34 dial-in.


Junior Dragster: Paige Montgomery from Alden, N.Y., delivered the third sweep of the weekend with her Junior Dragster victory. Montgomery posted a 7.927-second pass at 81.69 mph against a 7.94 dial-in. Runner-up Jenna Cockrell from Prince Frederick, Md., went 7.865 seconds at 82.20 mph against a 7.90 dial-in. Montgomery also had the advantage at the start, .017 to .039 in reaction times.

Last modified on Monday, 17 July 2017
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