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Wasko and Chitty Double Up at the US 131 Motorsports Park Summit Pro-Am Tour

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit Pro-Am Tour Division 3 at US 131 Motorsports Park event got off to a wet start with rain shifting the three-day schedule and pushing the doubleheader to Sunday. The sportsman racers hung in there and 17 individual winners brought a coveted IHRA Ironman. Scott Wasko and Scott Chitty dominated their classes taking home the win in Good Vibrations Top Sportsman and NTS 11.50 in both races.

Good Vibrations Top Sportsman

Scott Wasko from Columbia Station, Ohio won the first Good Vibrations Top Sportsman race in Martin, Michigan. He ran a 6.920 ET with a 6.92 dial-in, .0327 reaction time at 193.55 mph against Jeff Melnick’s 7.365 Et, 7.35 dial-in at 177.58 mph with a .241 reaction time.

Wasko’s domination continued later in the day when race number two got underway. He went up against Gary Wojnowski Sr. in the final Good Vibrations Top Sportsman round. Wojnowski laid down a 7.181 second run on his 7.22 dial-in at 193.13 mph. Wasko bested his effort with running a pass comparable to the first race of the day. He posted a 6.942 on a 6.91 dial-in, .0392 reaction time at 199.29 mph.

Good Vibrations Top Dragster

James Hinkle found himself in the winner’s circle at US 131 Motorsports Park when he defeated Tony Elrod in the Good Vibrations Top Dragster final round of race one. Elrod, from Howell, Michigan left the line too early and triggered the red-light giving Hinkle the top spot. The Danville, Kentucky native ran 11.258 ET on a 7.47 dial-in, .0258 reaction time at 73.52 mph.

A new winner made their way to the winner’s circle in race number two in Good Vibrations Top Dragster. Tony Elrod redeemed himself after fouling at the line in the final round earlier in the day. He went up against Dan Norris from Brighton, Michigan. Elrod ran a near perfect pass with a 7.413 on his 7.41 dial-in time with a .0196 reaction time at 173.28 mph. Norris finished the final round running a 6.110 ET on a 6.12 dial-in at 220.16 mph.

Super Stock

AH Adkins traveled from Ravenswood, West Virginia to Martin, Michigan to compete in the Summit Pro-Am Tour. The trip paid off as Adkins advanced into the Super Stock final round and nabbed the win in the first race. He paired up with Al Ross from Flushing, Ohio who fouled at the line on the final pass. Adkins posted an 8.971 second pass on his 8.89 dial-in with a .5678 reaction time at 146.72 mph.

The second race of the day saw Dan Olding and JP Schuster matched up in the final Super Stock round. The battle was intense as Olding displayed a 11.038 on his 11.02 dial-in, .0018 reaction time at 121.56 mph to Schuster’s 10.467 on his 10.49 dial-in, .0468 reaction time at 124.38 mph. Olding from Milford, Michigan walked away victorious at US 131 Motorsports Park.


Mark Howard picked up the Stock Ironman in the first race on Sunday with a win over Scott Stillings. Howard, of Hamilton, Michigan, posted a 10.995 second pass off his 10.97 dial-in (.0149 reaction time) at 115.09 mph against Stillings 10.354 ET on a 10.35 dial-in with a .0457 reaction time at 125.00 mph.

Mark Howard found himself in familiar territory in race number two as he went up against Bill Lent from Norton Shores, Michigan. Howard would have to settle for the runner-up position as Lent brought home the Stock Ironman at the end of the day. Lent was dead-on with his dial -in as he ran a 12.481 (12.48 dial-in) with a .0271 reaction time at 106.53 mph. Race one winner Howard, posted a 10.951 second pass (10.97 dial-in), .0259 reaction time at 113.21 mph.

Hot Rod

Race one in Hot Rod saw Ron Cannatti and Lawrence Hinkle go up against each other in the final round. Cannattin, of Warren, Michigan, posted an impressive pass with a 10.899 second run on a 10.90 dial-in, .0086 reaction time at 136.78 mph. Hinkle was slightly off when he displayed a 10.871 second pass (10.90 dial-in), .0129 reaction time at 118.55 mph.

Scott Mackie and Ricky Roe faced off in the final round of the final race in Hot Rod at the Summit Pro-Am Tour. Mackie, from Milford, Michigan and Roe, from Paris, Kentucky, had the exact same dial-in time of 10.90. Despite Roe having a better reaction time of .008 compared to .0020, Mackie claimed the victory with his elapsed time of 10.881. Roe was slightly off the pace when he posted a 10.876 elapsed time.

Quick Rod

Larry Bernshausen took home the Quick Rod Ironman in race number one at US 131 Motorsports Park on Sunday. The Manito, Illinois resident, and Ed Smith, from La Salle, Ontario advanced to the final round. The pairing had identical dial-in times of 8.90 and it was Bernshausen that put together the winning pass - 8.935 ET, .0023 reaction time at 167.41 mph. Smith had a .0713 reaction time on an 8.881 second pass at 178.36 mph.

Patrick Forster from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Anthony Elrod from Harrol, Ohio progressed to the final round in Quick Rod on Sunday. The duo had 8.90 dial-in times and Elrod bested Forster at the line with a .0002 reaction time compared to .0028 but Forster wound up with the IHRA Ironman. He ran a 8.914 second pass at 162.10 mph.

Super Rod

The race one Ironman in Super Rod went to Paul Brown from Cass City, Michigan. He and Joe Fisher, of Clayton, Ohio, paired together in the Summit Pro-Am Tour final round in Martin Michigan. With 9.90 dial-in times, Brown’s near perfect dial-in of 9.906 and reaction time of .0135 gave him the advantage and the win. Fisher posted a .0287 reaction time and 9.930 second pass.

Steve Fields of Carlton, Michigan claimed the Summit Pro-Am Tour Super Rod Ironman in race number two of the day. Fields had a 9.90 dial-in and ran a 9.903 second pass with a .0447 reaction time at 151.87 mph. Pat Martin, of London, Ohio, posted a 9.959 elapsed time (9.90 dial-in), .0115 reaction time at 157.45 mph.

NTS 11.50

Scott Chitty became the dominate force in the NTS 11.50 class at US 131 Motorsports Park. The Uniontown, Ohio resident took the win in both races on Sunday. He paired up with John Pranger, of Wyoming, Michigan, in race number one. With an 11.50 required dial-in, the duo ran near perfect times of 11.5118 (Chitty) and 11.5116 (Pranger) but Chitty’s reaction time of .0366 solidified the win over Pranger’s .0790.

Later that day, Chitty advanced to the NTS 11.50 finals with Tom Pitsch from Dorr, Michigan. Pitsch posted a .0390 reaction time, 11.445 second pass at 112.58 mph. Chitty bested his run with a .0099 reaction time, 11.4932 second pass at 118.39 mph to take home the second Ironman trophy of the weekend.

Junior Master

Maverick Green from Grand Haven, Michigan and Preston Tanner from Rensselaer, Indiana lined-up together for the final round in the Junior Master class during race one. Green posted a better reaction time of .0285 to Tanner’s .1046 which gave him the upper hand during the battle. The final results displayed Green as the winner with an 8.0275 second pass at 78.74 mph compared to Tanner’s 7.9393 second pass at 80.92 mph.

Race one runner-up Preston Tanner, brought home the Ironman in race number two of the Summit Pro-Am Tour on Sunday. Tanner went up against Noah Rambow from Macomb, Michigan in the final round. Rambow fouled at the line allowing Tanner to move into the top spot with a 7.9352 elapsed time (7.94 dial-in), .0205 reaction time at 82.06 mph.

Junior Advanced

Sam Lowther from Canal Winchester, Ohio came out victorious in the first Junior Advance race at the Summit Pro-Am Tour. He went up against Alex Kish of Kalamazoo, Michigan in the final round. Lowther bested Kish with a 9.0168 elapsed time (9.05 dial-in), .1014 reaction time at 72.12 mph compared to Kish’s 8.9802 (9.03 dial-in), .0599 at 73.41 mph.

PJ Forster celebrated the win in race number two in Junior Advance against Jacob Wasko. Forster from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had a 9.05 dial-in and ran a 9.1027, .0511 reaction time at 72.15 mph. Wasko, from Columbia Station, Ohio, ran a 9.0084 second pass (8.90 dial-in), .0938 seconds at 71.99 mph.

For the complete Summit Pro-Am Tour final round results, please click here.

Last modified on Wednesday, 17 August 2016
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