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Results from Saturday's Summit Pro-Am Tour at San Antonio Raceway

Sunday, 16 August 2015

After a full evening of practice the IHRA Summit Pro-Am drivers were ready to begin the day with two rounds of qualifying and time trials for all classes. Once that was done it was time to lay it on the line, literally and figuratively, for eliminations on the ¼ mile track, vying the Ironman award.

While track conditions began with somewhat moderate temperatures(117), they quickly climbed throughout the day to 160, though the occasion cloud would knock it down 15-20 degrees. This would make for some interesting crew chief decisions on set up when things changed coming into the final rounds of eliminations.

Qualifications ran pretty much without a hitch, except for a glitch in the electronics near the end of Top Dragster time trials.

Good Vibrations Top Dragster

Ronnie Hughes, in his Cameron Chassis, took home the Saturday portion of Top Dragster beating Wynette Hudgens. Hughes got 4/100th in the bank off the line and used that advantage to the finish for the victory.

Hughes took out Peeps Pennington, Todd Robinson, and Mike Crader with a round 4 bye to get to the finals. Hudgens defeated David Johns, Jeff Rabedeau, Michael Keylich and Jake Levitino

Ronnie Hughes(7.60) 7.6344 @ 171.17defeats Wynette Hudgens(7.25) 7.2861 @ 184.28

Good Vibration Top Sportsman

Steve Harvey picked up some points in the Division 4 Renegades on Leslie Dugas with a win over Matt Crisp. Crisp, in his Mission Racing, Greg Hubbell Race Car, Ford Mustang gave away the race on the line going .0016 red. Harvey driving the LKD Motorsports, Reher and Morrison, Pontiac Firebird eased it on down the track for the win.

Harvey beat Roger Massey, Jerry Jordan and got a round two bye. Crisp got by Leslie Dugas, and Russell Marr with a round 3 bye.

Steve Harvey(7.20) 8.3363 @ 115.68 defeats Matt Crisp(7.77) 16.8832 @ 53.89(red)

Super Stock

In the Super Stock finals it was Jarrod Granier against Dale Hulquist. Granier, in the Lupe Tortilla, Chevy II got a tenth on the line against Hulquist in his Hulquist Motorsports, Pontiac Grand Am and that was all he needed to carry it to finish line.

Granier bettered J. Blackmon in round 1 and a bye in round 2 while Hulquist beat Stan Holt and JB Clegg


Hunter Pierdolla took home the honors in Stock beating Jimmie Hutto in the finals. Pierdolla in his Mission Garage, Pontiac Firebird took 7/100th at the start and held off Hutto in his 70's Chevy Nova.

Pierdolla took out Shiela Holt, Chris Haralson and got the round 2 bye with Hutto beating J. Carter, J. Allen Sherman and S. Blackmon.

Quick Rod(8.90)

It was a local driver versus an out-of-towner in the Quick Rod final that saw Kevin Picha doing battle with Jake Levitino. Levitino, in his Cameron Chassis got the advantage off the line, but it was Picha, in his dragster, running him down on the top end for the victory.

Picha trailered Bryon Turner, S. Paiyo and, points leader, Kevin Bracey. Levitino bested T. Farmer, Robert Garbs and had a round 3 bye.

Kevin Picha 8.9104 @ 169.62 defeats Jake Levitino 8.9354 @ 165.62

Super Rod(9.90)

Bryon Turner was on his game and on his number going up against Shannon Brinkley in the Super Rod finals. Both were close on reaction times, but it was Turner in the 23 Ford Roadster nailing the dial index on the big end to knock off Brinkley in his Spookers Halloween, Corvette Roadster.

Turner put down B. Meadows, Kip Guenzel and R. Fisher while Brinkley parked Sherman Davis, Dave Patton and Eddie McDow.

Bryon Turner 9.9069 @ 130.74 defeats Shannon Brinkley 9.9405 @ 151.57

Hot Rod(10.90)

A. Bracey scored the Hot Rod victory in his sharp looking SS Camaro over Ray Dew in the Pyle Bros., Polar Blast, Chevy Nova when Dew went red. Dew was .0117 red on the tree handing the honors to Bracey who legged it out to the finish line.

Bracey had wins over R. Ortegon, Jamie Abbott and H. Stephens. Dew was victorious over Chris Haralson, Philip Pennington and Jeremy Wenske.

A. Bracey 10.9155 @ 135.83 defeats Ray Dew 10.9354 @ 136.70(red)

Jr. Dragster Masters

Shallon Broussard snagged the Jr. Dragster Masters victory beating Bryce Granier in the finals. Broussard had 4/100th on green and ran closer to his dial in at the top end to secure the win.

Broussard picked off Regan Jordan, Justin Hutto and had a round 3 bye. Granier took out Caden Meuth, defending track champ Ashley Hubbell and points leader Tyler Poindexter.

Shallon Broussard(7.90) 7.9366 @ 77.81 defeats Bryce Granier(7.90) 8.0245 @ 71.53

Jr. Dragster Advanced

Aaron Jordan faced off against Ty Farmer in the Jr. Dragster Advanced finals. Farmer gave away the win at finish line taking too much of the stripe and breaking out.

To make the finals Jordan beat L. Turner, Trey Rieder and had a bye in round 3. Farmer scored wins over Hayden Trumble, Graeme Rufenacht with a round 2 bye.

Aaron Jordan(9.15) 9.2147 @ 67.76 defeats Ty Farmer(8.97) 8.9597 @ 69.18(broke out)

Jr. Dragster Beginner

Audrey Wenske grabbed the trophy in Jr. Dragster Beginner getting the best of Landon Exner. Wenske had almost a tenth off the line and held her advantage to the finish line.

Wenske had the round 1 bye and beat Evan Welborn in round 2. Exner bested Scarlet Finch and Colton Rieder.

Audrey Wenske(12.33) 12.5746 @ 49.10 defeats Landon Exner(12.05) 12.3682 @ 43.29

Story courtesy of J.M.Hallas at LoneStarSpeedZone.com. For complete result sheets please go to http://dragstory.com/forum/index.php/board

Last modified on Tuesday, 18 August 2015
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