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For IHRA Summit Pro-Am Series racers: Minimum four claims from races within respective divisional schedule

Monday, 02 March 2015
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The following is a format clarification for all IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour competitors.

Competitors in all divisions must have a minimum of four (4) claims from events within the respective divisional schedule.

Wild card events may not be used as the only source of in-division claims. Wild card events are designed to help competitors living in certain regions – where Summit Pro-Am events are less concentrated – compete for a division championship while keeping costs of travel at a minimum. They are not intended to replace actual competition at the events within a division. At least two (2) of the four (4) mandated points-claiming events in any division must be from events physically located within the division.

Due to its geographic location and the costs associated with traveling to any out-of-division events, the Border Bandits’ divisional schedule will be limited to the best (4) four of (4) in-division claiming events to determine the end of the season points. As was the case since the inception of Division 6, there will be no out-of-division or wild card claims factored into any scores.

Points will be earned from your best five (5) finishes at a maximum of seven (8) events. The eight (8) events may include any number in-division and a maximum of your first four (4) outside your division to bring your total to eight (8). You must attend four (4) in-division events to qualify for any season-ending points championship or award programs. Points (entry and competition) will be earned at these events only.


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Last modified on Tuesday, 26 January 2016