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Rolling Mix Concrete Raceway Joins IHRA

Monday, 20 June 2016

Rolling Mix Concrete Raceway located within NITRO Motorsports Park in Prince George, British Columbia, has become the latest IHRA-sanctioned drag racing complex in Canada. The park, which opened in 1978 as North Central Motorsports Park, was recently purchased by the NITRO club (Northern Interior Timed Racing Organization), a group of racers located in and around Prince George. Brian Barby is a longtime driver and president of the club. He’s been involved with track operations for the last few years.

“The previous owner oversaw a lot of the current upgrades and renovations,” he said. “We found four investors who were willing to back the club for funding, and the property was purchased in April from the previous owner”

The renovations done while under the old ownership include a 720-foot concrete launch pad, and new state-of-the-art bathrooms, complete with granite countertops and shower rooms in both men’s and women’s bathrooms. Barby also says they are building a new gate and apron for junior dragsters with donations from local businesses and members.

Track Aerial Shot 01

“When the track was built, junior gate was designed for the 17- and 18-second junior dragsters, but now, as you know, there are 7.90-second junior dragsters,” he said.

The amenities make NITRO Motorsports Park a welcome destination for Canadian racers, especially those in the west. The park is one of three IHRA-sanctioned tracks between British Columbia and Alberta, and Barby says the closest is about five hours away. However, drivers are more than willing to travel, according to Phil Gingerich, Director of Track Development for IHRA.

“Our best events are held in Canada. [Sanctioning Rolling Mix Concrete Raceway] gives us [IHRA] a good strong hold in British Columbia,” said Gingerich. “With so few tracks, spectators and racers think nothing of traveling 500, 600 miles to a race.”

“It’s a great market.”

Barby agrees (“I’ll travel and so will the other guys who are serious,” he says), and is doing his part to grow that market. The NITRO club has grown to 125 members over the last few years, and the club’s (NITRO) aim is to take full ownership of Rolling Mix Concrete Raceway in the near future. They want to maintain its function as a drag racing facility.

“That was past owner’s vision as well,” he said. “To sell it to someone he knew would maintain it as a dragstrip. We get a lot of support from Prince George area businesses, and there are key members in the club as well.”

For more information on NITRO Motorsports Park and NITRO, visit their website, www.nitromotorsportspark.com, and visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NITRO-1056460107702858

Last modified on Monday, 20 June 2016

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