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Dragway 42 Repeats as IHRA Division 3 Summit Team Champions

Sunday, 22 September 2019

NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pa. — Dragway 42 repeated as champions at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 3 (North Stars) Summit Team Finals held at Keystone Raceway Park over the weekend.

Dragway 42 took a 70-54 win over host Keystone. Other tracks who participated were: Quaker City Motorsports Park, Beaver Springs Dragway, Lancaster Dragway, Thompson Raceway Park, Empire Dragway and I-64 Motorplex.



Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Gambler’s races, Race of Champions race and “best of” awards.


Main Event:


Paul Petersen put together a winning package with a 4.938 elapsed time at 136.03 mph against a 4.90 dial-in, along with a .028 reaction time. Runner-up Jake Meinert raced down the track in 4.812 seconds at 143.08 mph against a 4.79 dial-in with a .047 reaction time.

 Paul Petersen Top



Niki Thomas won after final-round opponent Tyler Underwood red-lighted. Thomas had a 6.155-second run at 110.46 mph with a .026 reaction time. Underwood posted a 6.541 elapsed time at 103.66 mph, but was -.026 too quick at the start.

 Niki Thomas Mod



Amy Romeo matched a 7.58 elapsed time at 91.54 mph and coupled it with a .072 reaction time. Gordon Stevens had the better start at .026, but went 8.462 seconds at 77.84 mph against an 8.47 dial-in.

 Amy Romeo Street


Junior Dragster

Allyson Downs had an exceptional start with a .008 reaction time and then raced down the 1/8-mile at 7.902 seconds and 80.70 mph. Zachary Holstion finished runner-up with an 8.087 elapsed time at 78.55 mph with a .033 reaction time. 

 Allyson Downs Junior Dragster



Joey Brandgard won on a holeshot .026 to .071 over Lucas Salemi. Brandgard had a 5.619-second pass at 123.83 mph against a 5.54 dial-in. Salemi went down the track in 6.597 seconds at 98.88 mph against a 6.60 dial-in.

 Joey Brandgard Near Lane Bike


Team Captains Race

Thompson Raceway Park defeated Dragway 42 with a .155 to .317 advantage in reaction time. The elapsed time for Thompson was 11.609 seconds against an 11.52 dial-in. Dragway 42 had an 11.418 e.t. with an 11.40 dial-in. 


Thursday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Paul Peterson 4.88 on a 4.87 dial-in, .017 reaction time defeated Nick Bowman 6.74 on a 6.74 dial-in, -.004 reaction time.


Mod — Dale Eckert 7.14 on a 7.14 dial-in, .019 reaction time defeated Nick Bowman 6.75 on a 6.74 dial-in, .029 reaction time.


Junior — Ryan Roberts 7.92 on a 7.90 dial-in, .065 reaction time defeated MacKenzie Byrd 7.98 on a 7.95 dial-in, .138 reaction time.


Bike — Paul Samora 5.66 on a 5.63 dial-in, .051 reaction time defeated Joseph Devola 6.88 on a 6.88 dial-in, .089 reaction time.


Friday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Tyler Underwood 6.50 on a 6.48 dial-in, .010 reaction time defeated John Cira Sr. 7.02 on a 7.02 dial-in, .038 reaction time.


Mod — AJ Marlatt 6.16 on a 6.15 dial-in, .014 reaction time defeated Mike Balaska 6.15 on a 6.18 dial-in, .044 reaction time.


Junior — Karissa Tringhese 7.90 on a 7.94 dial-in, .054 reaction time defeated Zachary Holstion 8.05 on an 8.06 dial-in, . -.014 reaction time.


Bike — Don Zimmerman 6.05 on a 5.99 dial-in, .030 reaction time defeated Mike Downs 6.30 on a 6.28 dial-in, .096 reaction time.


Race of Champions

Top — Tim Leighty 5.45 on a 5.42 dial-in, .011 reaction time defeated Richard Thayer 6.17 on a 6.15 dial-in, .170 reaction time.


Mod — Brian Cireddu 6.34 on a 6.34 dial-in, .019 reaction time defeated Mason Hatton 6.34 on a 6.35 dial-in, .049 reaction time.


Street – Jeff Fryfogle 8.58 on an 8.58 dial-in, .012 reaction time defeated Joe Tharp Jr. 7.95 on 7.95 dial in, .037 reaction time.


Junior — Zachary Holstion 8.12 on an 8.07 dial-in, .003 reaction time defeated Ryan Roberts 7.91 on a 7.90 dial-in, .191 reaction time.


Bike —  Lucas Salemi 6.51 on a 6.51 dial-in, .087 reaction time defeated Perry Paugh 5.17 on a 5.14 dial-in, .060 reaction time.


Special Awards

Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Paul Peterson, Dragway 42

Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Ron Stayer, Dragway 42

Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Jerry Shaffer, Beaver Springs Dragway

Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Kathy Kiekel, Empire Dragway

Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Ryan Roberts, Quaker City Motorsports Park

Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Theda Ball, Lancaster Dragway

Best Appearing Motorcycle — Paul Samora, Quaker City Motorsports Park

Best Engineered Motorcycle — Mike Nearhoof, Lancaster Dragway

Best Team Spirit — Empire Dragway

Best Appearing Sponsor Banner — Quaker City Motorsports Park

Best Appearing Grandstands — Keystone Motorsports Park

Best Appearing Team — Dragway 42


Team Standings


Dragway 42 Team Champ


1. Dragway 42                                 70

2. Keystone Raceway Park             54

3. Quaker City Motorsports Park.    44.5

4. Beaver Springs Dragway             42

5. Lancaster Dragway                      41

6. Thompson Raceway Park            38

7. Empire Dragway                          28

8. I-64 Motorplex                              22

Last modified on Monday, 23 September 2019

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