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Eddyville Raceway Park Wins IHRA Midwest Summit Team Finals

Sunday, 08 September 2019

OSKALOOSA, Iowa — Eddyville Raceway Park drivers used their home-track knowledge to win the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Midwest Division Summit Team Finals.

Team A from Eddyville Raceway Park won by a 40-30 margin over Mo-Kan Dragway A with Thunder Valley Dragways B right behind with 29 points. Other tracks which participated were: Cordova International Raceway, Central Illinois Dragway, Ozark Raceway, Onawa Racing & Events Center and Magic City International Raceway.


Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Gambler’s races and “best of” awards. It was a big weekend for Carter Brand. He won the main event and both gambler’s racers in his new electric Junior Dragster.


Main Event:


Steve Disselhorst from Quincy, Ill. won on a foul in the Top final. Disselhorst completed a winning pass of 4.897 seconds at 140.80 mph against a 4.87 dial-in with a .027 reaction time. Jim Schuett from Worthington, Minn., was -.004 too quick at the start before going down the track in 5.559 seconds at 124.86 mph.




Wayne Briggs Sr. from Weva, Iowa scored the win with a 6.319-second run at 108.70 mph against a 6.21 dial-in with a .105 reaction time. Wayne Lardy from Tea, S.D., was runner-up with a 6.402 elapsed time at 101.79 mph against a 6.41 dial-in with a .040 reaction time. 




Jimmie Barrett from Havana, Ill., had the winning package of 7.731 seconds at 83.74 mph against 7.71 dial-in. He also had a slight advantage at the start .040 to .045 over runner-up Mark Rosenbolm from LeClaire, Iowa. Rosenbalm went 8.917 seconds at 83.21 mph against a 7.71 dial-in.



Junior Dragster

Carter Brand from Lynnville, Iowa used his advantage at the start .044 to .090 over Brooke Baarda from Sully, Iowa to win the Junior Dragster race. Brand went 9.009 against a 8.98 dial-in at 76.14 mph. Baarda was right on the dial-in with a 7.992-second pass at 82.10 mph.



Other Results


Saturday’s Gambler’s Race

Box — Kellyn Jackson from Castlewood, S.D., 5.127 on a 5.06 dial-in, .030 reaction time defeated Tom Gall from Beresford, S.D., 5.785 on a 5.11 dial-in, .039 reaction time.


No Box — Grant Zimmerman from East Peoria, Ill., 6.383 on a 6.37 dial-in, .021 reaction time defeated Danny Rosenthal from Carthage, Mo., 6.270 on a 6.26 dial-in, .071 reaction time.


Junior — Carter Brand from Lynnville, Iowa 8.965 on an 8.96 dial-in, .042 reaction time defeated Rylie Swart from Washington, Iowa 7.962 on an 7.90 dial-in, .034 reaction time.


Team Captains — Kyle Kramer (Eddyville) 14.111 on a 14.17 dial-in, .112 reaction time defeated Gary Harper (Dragway 42) 11.561 on an 11.48 dial-in, -.024 reaction time.


Sunday’s Gambler’s Race

Box — Gene Livingood from Ottawa, Kans., 7.372 on a 7.37 dial-in, .016 reaction time defeated Rob Hatfield from Norwalk, Iowa 5.859 on a 5.82 dial-in, .012 reaction time.


No Box — Barc Smith from Marion, S.D., 6.700 on a 6.71 dial-in, .010 reaction time.defeated Bryan Walker from Webb City, Mo., 10.984 on an 5.75 dial-in, -.014 reaction time.


Junior — Carter Brand from Lynnville, Iowa 8.991 on a 9.00 dial-in, .088 reaction time.defeated Andrew Goss from Joplin, Mo., 11.501 on a 7.96 dial-in, -.003 reaction time.


Team Standings




  1. Eddyville Raceway Park A         40
  2. Mo-Kan Dragway A                    30
  3. Thunder Valley Dragways B       29
  4. Cordova Int’l Raceway A            25
  5. Thunder Valley Dragways B       22
  6. Cordova Int’l Raceway B            21
  7. Central Illinois Dragway              21
  8. Eddyville Raceway Park B         18
  9. Mo-Kan Dragway B                    17
  10. Ozark Raceway Park                  11
  11. Onawa Racing & Events             7
  12. Magic City Int’l Raceway             5
Last modified on Monday, 09 September 2019

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