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Pine Valley Raceway Clinches the Division 4 Summit Team Finals Championship Title

Monday, 03 October 2016

Ten teams competed at San Antonio Raceway over the weekend for the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 4 Summit Team Finals. The championship title came down to San Antonio Raceway and Pine Valley Raceway with Pine Valley Raceway taking the top spot in the points and winning two classes in the main event.

The event weekend was highlighted by eliminations in Top, Modified, and Junior Dragster; Gamblers races; Run for the Money; a Team Captains race; and special “best of” awards. Tracks represented at the Summit Team Finals included: Pine Valley Raceway, San Antonio Raceway, Little River Dragway, Edinburg Motorsports Park, Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway, Amarillo Dragway, and Wichita Raceway Park.


Hunter Patton from Pine Valley Raceway paired up with Philip Pennington from Edinburg Motorsports Park in the Top final round. Patton claimed the IHRA Ironman when he posted a .0080 reaction time, 4.8151 on a 4.80 dial-in at 140.76 mph against Pennington’s .0156 reaction time, 5.0120 on a 5.00 dial-in at 134.69 mph pass.


Pine Valley Raceway teammates. Drew Porcher and Ronny Speer advanced to the final round in Mod. Procher took the top spot in his 1988 Chevrolet S-10 with a .0073 reaction time, 6.3021 on a 6.28 dial-in at 104.14 mph. Runner-up Speer had a .0597 reaction time, 5.7603 on a 5.74 dial-in at 117.49 mph.

Junior Dragster

Blaze Wolfford representing Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway and Chance Turman representing Little River Dragway advanced to the final round in Junior Dragster. Wolfford took home the win running a .0295 reaction time, 8.0156 on an 8.00 dial-in at 78.02 mph. Turman displayed a .0577 reaction time, 8.0177 on an 8.02 dial-in at 82 mph.

Friday’s Gamblers Race

  • Top – Cassie Pennington (Edinsburg) defeated Michael Pennington (Edinburg)
  • Modified – Bryan Day (Pine Valley) 6.4682; 6.51 dial-in, 106.11 mph defeated Ronny Spear (Pine Valley) 6.3253, 5.73 dial-in, 98 mph, -04080 (foul)
  • Junior Dragster – Conner Rivers (Ben Bruce) 7.9005, 7.90 dial-in, 81.45 mph defeated Bubba Fontenot (Pine Valley) 8.0019, 7.90 dial-in, 72.92 mph

Friday’s Last Chance Gamblers Race

  • Top – Brent Ritter (San Antonio) defeated Chris Keylich (San Antonio)
  • Modified – Billy Janousek (Little River) 6.3420, 6.23 dial-in, 96.46 mph defeated Wendell Dockery (San Antonio) 7.1390, 7.06 dial-in, 98.21 mph
  • Junior Dragster – Wade Walker (Pine Valley) 8.2752, 8.22 dial-in, 73.51 mph defeated Chance Turman (Little River) 8.1687, 8.02 dial-in, 80.40 mph

Saturday’s Gamblers Race

  • Top – Greg Meuth (San Antonio) 4.8018, 4.79 dial-in, 136.12 mph defeated Greg Duffield (Little River) 4.8395, 4.84 dial-in, 143.77 mph
  • Modified – Michael Turman (Little River) 5.6637, 5.64 dial-in, 117.19 mph defeated Donna Lummus (Pine Valley) 6.3541, 6.32 dial-in, 108.99 mph
  • Junior Dragster – Wade Walker (Pine Valley) 7.9775, 7.99 dial-in, 79.91 mph defeated Dalton Lummus (Pine Valley) 7.9221, 7.96 dial-in, 80.86 mph

Team Captain’s Race

  • Billy Bailey (Pine Valley) 10.7450, 10.73 dial-in, 65.15 mph defeated Iain Grae (San Antonio) 8.0396, 8.00 dial-in, 88.15 mph

Special Awards

  • Best Appearing Open Bodied Car - San Antonio Raceway, Scott Ball
  • Best Engineered Open Bodied Car – San Antonio Raceway, Jay Fitzgerald
  • Best Appearing Full Bodied Car – Amarillo Dragway, Greg Estes
  • Best Engineered Full Bodied Car – Amarillo Dragway, Zay Becknal
  • Best Appearing Junior Dragster – Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway, Conner Rivers
  • Best Engineered Junior Dragster - Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway, Conner Rivers
  • Best Team Spirit – San Antonio Raceway
  • Best Appearing Sponsor Banner – Pine Valley Raceway
  • Best Appearing Team – Little River Dragway
  • Best Appearing Grandstands – Little River Dragway

Division 4 Summit Team Finals Point Standings

  1. Pine Valley Raceway                 61
  2. San Antonio Raceway               51
  3. Little River Dragway                   33
  4. Edinburg Motorsports Park       20
  5. San Antonio Raceway #2         19
  6. Ben Bruce Mem. Airpark Rwy  17
  7. Amarillo Dragway                        9
  8. Wichita Raceway Park                6
  9. Pine Valley Raceway #2             5
  10. Little River Dragway #2               3
Last modified on Wednesday, 05 October 2016

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