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IHRA Partner Profile: Moser Engineering

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Moser Engineering started 35 years ago from working on a single race car in a garage and has evolved into a highly-innovative, computerized machining process spread out to a campus facility with over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capabilities.

One of the major contingency sponsors in the International Hot Rod Association Summit Sportsman National Championship, the Portland, Indiana company’s roots date back to 1982 when founder Greg Moser resplined a pair of axles and shortened a 1957 Oldsmobile rear end for his own race car.

Justen Moser SG5

He soon found other racers in need of the service and began perfecting the splining process still used today. Moser’s vision included the need for a strong & reliable yet affordable aftermarket axle. In 1990, Moser Engineering developed the High Strength Alloy axle that is IHRA-approved and can simultaneously be used on the street.

Over the past several years, Moser Engineering has added several items to its product line of drivetrain components. Ranging from axles, to Moser 9-inch cases, from complete center sections to its ever-popular Moser 12 Bolt complete housing unit, Moser Engineering supplies all aftermarket products needed to be competitive in many racing arenas.

Justen Moser TD3

All of this has led to the newest offerings of the Moser Muscle Pak line of rear ends that come in 9-inch, Fabricated 9-inch, M88 8.8-inch, Moser 12 bolts and even Dana and Mopar applications. These plug-and-play, complete bolt-in rears have led Moser into supplying some of the largest aftermarket tuners and builders in the country. Moser Engineering now sells Custom Alloy Axles to Drag racers, Road Course racers, Circle-Track, Hi-Performance street and Off-Road enthusiasts throughout the world.

Rob Moser, the son of late founders Greg and Marianne Moser, now heads the company. He has learned the business from the ground up, starting when he was a young boy helping his father field calls, respline product and prepare it for shipping. With a Business Management degree from the University of Southern California and his in-depth knowledge of the industry, he has taken Moser Engineering well into the 21st century.

Rocky VanNote HR3

Moser Engineering features a combination of precision workmanship, know-how, price and prides itself on an industry-leading, two-day turnaround. This two-day turnaround keeps a racer in the points if something goes wrong. Moser manufactures a completely custom made axle or complete rear end from scratch on a daily basis for every customer that calls. They even offer a limited number of 24-hour turns for those critical times when a racer or builder is up against a deadline and really needs help with axles or a complete assembly.

Moser Engineering also prides itself on assuring that every Moser-branded product is made in the USA. Axles are forged and induction-heat treated in Portland from Moser-owned tooling and dies. Moser housings are cast from Moser-owned and designed core boxes, Housings are stamped, fabricated cans are laser cut, brackets are water jetted and for tighter tolerances wire EDM cut. They even CNC their own aluminum cases, Performance covers and Eliminator blocks in house.

Moser Rig 20173

They’re also huge supporters of the IHRA drag racers, especially since some of them work for the company.

“We believe in Made in the USA and we stand behind it by employing some of the same guys you see at your local tracks racing every weekend,” Moser Engineering marketing director Jeff Anderson said. “Our guys and sponsored teams race IHRA and we are proud to support IHRA and the Sportsman racers who attend these events.”

Tim Irwin TS7

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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