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Fleenor, Vernon, Adkins, Miller, Dean Capture Ironman Trophies at Pacemakers

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — The excitement ramped up at Pacemakers Outlaw Motorsports Park last Saturday with the track hosting the IHRA Ironman Classic.

It was part of a weekend which offered IHRA Summit SuperSeries points as well as hosting a North vs. South UMTR Stick Shift Race. The IHRA Ironman Classic is designed to create extra excitement in their bracket program and offer competitors a chance to win the prestigious Ironman.

Saturday’s race served that purpose as Brian Fleenor, a long-time IHRA racer, earned his first Ironman trophy by defeating Adam Wolfe in the Top ET (Box) final.

Brian Fleenor

Jamie Vernon, a hometown racer from Mt. Vernon, has raced at Pacemakers for over 30 years. He was rewarded with the Mod (No Box) Ironman after beating Andrew Adkins in the final round.

Jamie Vernon

Don’t feel bad for Adkins as he captured the Ironman trophy for the Sportsman class. Adkins beat Dave Lee in the Sportsman final.

Andrew Adkins

There was two-wheel action as well. Bruce Miller emerged as the Motorcycle class winner, defeating Kevin Carpenter in the championship round.

Bruce Miller

Finally, Trey Dean was the Ironman winner for the Junior Dragsters. He won his 8.90 class and then beat 7.90 winner Nathan Wolfe in the run-off for the Ironman. Also in the Junior Dragsters, Tyson Dean defeated Aiden Held in the 11.90 final.

Troy Dean

Speaking of the young racers, Pacemakers Outlaws Motorsports Park hosts the Junior Dragster Throwdown this weekend. There is a Friday night Gamblers’ race, followed by 7.90, 8.90 and 11.90 races on Saturday and Sunday and an All-Run race completed after class racing is over.

Each class winner from Saturday and Sunday in the three categories will run off for prestigious IHRA Ironman trophies after the completion of Sunday’s class event.

For more information about Pacemakers Outlaw Motorsports Park and other exciting events, click here to check out the track’s Facebook page.