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Carolina Dragway takes D2 East crown; six drivers advance to Summit World Finals

Monday, 23 September 2013
SSS Mod Final: Brad Hall vs. Jay Norris SSS Mod Final: Brad Hall vs. Jay Norris

At one of the biggest Summit Racing Equipment Team Finals events of the year, six drivers survived a grueling afternoon against a dozen talented tracks to punch their tickets to the Summit SuperSeries championship runoff at Memphis International Raceway in October.

Greg Maddox (Top ET), Brad Hall (Mod ET) and Amanda Foley (Junior Dragster) won their respective classes on opening day of the Division 2 East Summit Team Finals at Carolina Dragway on Friday, joining runner-up finishers Kevin Crawford (Top ET), Jay Norris (Mod ET) and Zach Pennington (Junior Dragster). The six drivers automatically advance to compete for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship next month.

In the team competition host track Carolina Dragway (61) took the overall crown by 18 points over team runner-up Pageland Dragway (43). Ware Shoals Dragway finished third with 41 points, followed by Orangeburg Dragstrip (35) and Immokalee Regional Raceway (32). Rounding out the remaining teams were Darlington Dragway (31), Union County Dragway (31), Bradenton Motorsports Park (24), Dorchester Dragway (23), Lakeland Dragstrip (21), Douglas Motorsports Park (20) and Palm Beach International Raceway (18).

D2E Top Final

   D2 East SSS Top Final: Greg Maddox vs. Kevin Crawford

Representing Ware Shoals Dragway, Greg Maddox kicked off the huge weekend of racing at Carolina Dragway with a win in Top ET over Kevin Crawford. Maddox nailed the tree with a .015 light to Crawford’s .629 and backed it up on the top end with a 5.422 second lap at 96.32 miles per hour on a 5.15 dial. Crawford had a 6.200 on a 6.17 dial at 109.28 mph.

In Mod ET Brad Hall, also representing Ware Shoals Dragway, had to overcome a slower light against Jay Norris and ended up just beating his opponent in a very close double-breakout. Hall ran an 8.512 on an 8.52 dial at 78.22 mph, while Norris had a 7.417 lap on a 7.43 dial.

Amanda Foley wrapped up the Summit SuperSeries competition at Carolina Dragway by giving Palm Beach International Raceway a representative at the Summit World Finals. Foley won a close race over Zach Pennington of host track Carolina Dragway, posting a .061 light and running a 7.958 on a 7.90 dial at 81.16 mph. Pennington had a 7.915 lap on a 7.90 dial.

D2E Junior Final

   D2 East SSS Junior Dragster Final: Amanda Foley vs. Zach Pennington

Other big winners from the Division 2 East Summit Team Finals were Top Main Event winner Joe Gary from Carolina Dragway, Mod Main Event winner Jay Norris from Union County Dragway and Junior Dragster Main Event winner Christian Hanson from Ware Shoals Dragway.

The following are the final results from the Division 2 East IHRA Summit Team Finals event at Carolina Dragway.

Division 2 East Summit Team Finals Team Standings
1. Carolina Dragway – 61
2. Pageland Dragway – 43
3. Ware Shoals Dragway – 41
4. Orangeburg Dragstrip – 35
5. Immokalee Regional Raceway – 32
6. Darlington Dragway – 31
7. Union County Dragway – 31
8. Bradenton Motorsports Park – 24
9. Dorchester Dragway – 23
10. Lakeland Dragstrip – 21
11. Douglas Motorsports Park – 20
12. Palm Beach International Raceway – 18



SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF TOP ET – Greg Maddox (Ware Shoals) .015 RT, 5.422, 96.32 def. Kevin Crawford (Pageland) .629 RT, 6.200, 109.28

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF MOD ET – Brad Hall (Ware Shoals) .042 RT, 8.512, 78.22 def. Jay Norris (Union County) .028 RT, 7.417, 89.12

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF JUNIOR – Amanda Foley (Palm Beach) .061 RT, 7.958, 81.16 def. Zach Pennington (Carolina) .133 RT, 7.915, 80.64

LOGO Team Finals Story


Main Event Top ET – Joey Gary (Carolina) .005 RT, 4.555, 148.17 def. Thomas Bell (Carolina) .041 RT, 4.542, 152.50

Main Event Mod ET – Jay Norris (Union County) .033 RT, 7.401, 90.32 def. Bryan Cox (Douglas) .029 RT, 7.691, 87.48

Main Event Juniors – Christian Hanson (Ware Shoals) .096 RT, 9.409, 67.89 def. Elizabeth Keene (Bradenton) .004 RT, 9.299, 62.49

Main Event Juniors – McKenna Bold (Castrol) .057 RT, 8.042, 80.07 def. Jenna Michaud (Castrol) .197 RT, 8.357, 78.61

Wednesday Gamblers Top – Gene Holton (Douglas) .011 RT, 5.576, 122.79 def. Paul Rebis (Lakeland) .026 RT, 5.827, 116.94

Wednesday Gamblers Mod – Robert Reynolds (Palm Beach) .089 RT, 6.522, 90.07 def. Cody Oxner (Ware Shoals) .178 RT, 7.376, 90.54

Wednesday Gamblers Junior – Conner Thrift (Douglas) .100 RT, 12.750, 49.14 def. Britt Sinclair (Union County) .074 RT, 11.397, 54.56

Thursday Gamblers Top – Jimmy Chavis Jr. (Orangeburg) .018 RT, 4.650, 146.91 def. Thomas Bell (Carolina) -.030 RT FOUL

Thursday Gamblers Mod – Aaron Brock (Pageland) .025 RT, 6.992, 89.56 def. Robert Reynolds (Palm Beach) .086 RT, 6.476, 96.24

Thursday Gamblers Junior – Camryn Fredrickson (Lakeland) .027 RT, 8.255, 73.92 def. Alee Dukes (Orangeburg) .173 RT, 7.943, 80.91

Friday Gamblers Top – Mike Ferraro (Immokalee) .012 RT, 4.777, 138.98 def. Bryanna Costello (Bradenton) .040 RT, 4.882, 139.20

Friday Gamblers Mod – Tim Butler (Bradenton) .008 RT, 6.159, 111.47 def. Phillip Moore (Carolina) .031 RT, 7.262, 91.22

Friday Gamblers Junior – Kaylee Miller (Pageland) .047 RT, 8.634, 75.16 def. Kelsey Taylor (Douglas) .099 RT, 7.952, 80.77

Sunday Gamblers Top – John Hodson (Carolina) .020 RT, 5.783, 121.09 def. Junior Bunner (Lakeland) .022 RT, 6.669, 102.70

Sunday Gamblers Mod – Steve Gant (Immokalee) .018 RT, 7.470, 88.69 def. Jake Sealey (Carolina) .032 RT, 6.619, 101.51

Sunday Gamblers Junior – Hunter Carter (Union County) .044 RT, 7.925, 80.53 def. Shelby Miles (Carolina) .032 RT, 7.941, 80.20


Best Appearing Open Bodied Car – Richard Taylor (Douglas Motorsports Park)

Best Engineered Open Bodied Car – Jeremy West (Immokalee Regional Raceway)

Best Appearing Full Bodied Car – Wayne Couick (Pageland Dragway)

Best Engineered Full Bodied Car – Del Harwell (Orangeburg Dragstrip)

Best Appearing Junior – Kelsey Taylor (Douglas Motorsports Park)

Best Engineered Junior – Logan Brown (Darlington Dragway)

Best Team Spirit – Orangeburg Dragstrip

Best Decorated Grandstand – Immokalee Regional Raceway

Best Appearing Sponsor Banner – Darlington Dragway

Best Appearing Team – Union County Dragway

Track Operators Race Winner – Joel Hubbert (Pageland Dragway)

Track Operators Race Runner-Up – Andrew Youngblood (Dorchester Dragway)

Last modified on Monday, 23 September 2013

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