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Pittsburgh runs away with D3 team win at home; six more drivers advance in Summit SuperSeries runoff

Monday, 23 September 2013
D3 Summit SuperSeries Top winner Albert Donell D3 Summit SuperSeries Top winner Albert Donell

Six very excited drivers kicked off the Division 3 Summit Racing Equipment Team Finals at Pittsburgh Raceway Park with final round appearances in the Summit SuperSeries runoff, automatically advancing them to the Summit World Finals at Memphis International Raceway in October.

Albert Donell (Top ET), Greg Sauvage (Mod ET) and Roberta Benedict (Junior Dragster) won their respective classes on the first day of racing in Pittsburgh, joining runner-up finishers Brad Perkins (Top ET), Ray Wade (Mod ET) and Darrell Holstion (Junior Dragster) with automatic tickets to compete for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship next month.

In the team competition, host track Pittsburgh Raceway Park (65) pulled away to a 19 point win over runner-up team Quaker City Motorsports Park (46) in the eight-time race. Beaver Springs Dragway was third with 45 points, followed by Thompson Raceway Park (44.5) and Empire Dragway (39). Rounding out the field were Elegant Builders Raceway Park (39), Skyview Drags (26) and Kanawha Valley Motorsports Park (24).

D3 SSS Mod Winner

   D3 Summit SuperSeries Mod winner Greg Sauvage

Albert Donell, representing his home track of Quaker City Motorsports Park, won the Top ET runoff in thrilling fashion. Both he and runner-up Ray Perkins had tremendous reaction times, with Donell holding a narrow edge of .005 to a .007, while Donnell ran an 8.848 on an 8.84 dial at 148.32 miles per hour. Perkins was beat by just inches at the line, producing a 10.808 on a 10.79 dial at 119.81 mph.

In the Mod ET runoff Kanawha Valley Motorsports Park’s Greg Sauvage had little trouble with Ray Wade, posting a .002 reaction time and running a 10.594 lap on a 10.58 dial. Wade had a .071 light and ran a tad quicker than predicted with a 10.710 on a 10.78.

Roberta Benedict, from Thompson Dragway, won the Junior Dragster runoff over Darrell Holstion. Benedict won the battle at the tree with a .014 to a .092 and backed that up with a 7.960 on a 7.93 at 80.73 mph. Holstion was just off on his numbers, producing an 8.298 on an 8.30 dial.

D3 SSS Junior Winner

   D3 Summit SuperSeries Junior Dragster winner Roberta Benedict

Other big winners from the Division 3 Summit Team Finals were Top Main Event winner Steve Butler from Pittsburgh Raceway Park, Mod Main Event winner Nathan Waugh from Kanawha Valley Motorsports Park, Junior Dragster Main Event winner Paige Montgomery from Empire Dragway, Street Main Event winner Bruce Tharp from Quaker City Motorsports Park and Motorcycle Main Event winner Tom Ozinga from Thompson Raceway Park.

The following are the final results from the Division 3 IHRA Summit Team Finals event at Pittsburgh Raceway Park.

Division 3 Summit Team Finals Team Standings

1. Pittsburgh Raceway Park – 65
2. Quaker City Motorsports Park – 46
3. Beaver Springs Dragway – 45
4. Thompson Raceway Park – 44.5
5. Empire Dragway – 39
6. Elegant Builders Raceway Park – 39
7. Skyview Drags – 26
8. Kanawha Valley Motorsports Park – 24



SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF TOP ET – Albert Donell (Quaker City) .005 RT, 8.848, 148.32 def. Brad Perkins (Empire) .007 RT, 10.808, 119.81

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF MOD ET – Greg Sauvage (Kanawha Valley) .002 RT, 10.594, 122.98 def. Ray Wade (Quaker City) .071 RT, 10.710, 121.82

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF JUNIOR – Roberta Benedict (Thompson) .014 RT, 7.960, 80.73 def. Darrell Holstion (Kanawha Valley) .092 RT, 8.298, 78.82

LOGO Team Finals Story


Main Event Top ET – Steve Butler (Pittsburgh) .010 RT, 5.415, 124.69 def. Bobby Cireddu (Thompson) .027 RT, 4.859, 139.28

Main Event Mod ET – Nathan Waugh (Kanawha Valley) .014 RT, 6.470, 108.54 def. Stephanie Buhan (Empire) .043 RT, 7.486, 90.91

Main Event Juniors – Paige Montgomery (Empire) .000 RT, 8.013, 76.80 def. Tyler Halleen (Elagant Builders) .114 RT, 7.938, 80.96

Main Event Street – Bruce Tharp (Quaker City) .025 RT, 7.993, 87.21 def. Dale Rhoads (Beaver Springs) .054 RT, 7.657, 88.95

Main Event Motorcycle – Tom Ozinga (Thompson) .117 RT, 5.685, 112.53 def. Ken Kauffman (Beaver Springs) -.018 RT FOUL

PRP Challenge Top – Don Kiekel (Skyview) .003 RT, 8.134, 157.95 def. Frank Hinkle (Thompson) .001 RT, 9.754, 127.88

PRP Challenge Mod – Clay Ricketson (Empire) .005 RT, 12.346, 107.58 def. Dale Greenawald (Quaker City) .029 RT, 9.648, 131.54

PRP Challenge Junior – Randi Teed (Skyview) .064 RT, 8.019, 78.93 def. Tyler Halleen (Elegant Builders) .027 RT, 8.006, 80.75

PRP Challenge Motorcycle – Brian Babiak (Elegant Builders) .045 RT, 9.285, 149.40 def. Lenny Yocum (Beaver Springs) .143 RT, 9.465, 133.14

Early Bird Top – Tom Scott (Pittsburgh) .009 RT, 8.195, 155.66 def. Dave Bratton (Beaver Springs) .046 RT, 7.522, 176.33

Early Bird Mod – Scott Riggs (Kanawha Valley) .034 RT, 9.622, 137.83 def. Nick Bowman (Pittsburgh) .042 RT, 11.842, 109.94

Early Bird Junior – Sarah Gruber (Quaker City) .068 RT, 7.921, 82.28 def. Lane Donnalley (Quaker City) -.016 RT FOUL


Best Appearing Open Bodied Car – Mark Romanofsky (Empire Dragway)

Best Engineered Open Bodied Car – Andy Conrath (Pittsburgh Raceway Park)

Best Appearing Full Bodied Car – John Hill (Kanawha Valley Motorsports Park)

Best Engineered Full Bodied Car – Bob Randolf (Quaker City Motorsports Park)

Best Appearing Junior – Morgan Burgess (Skyview Drags)

Best Engineered Junior – Dunham Hall (Skyview Drags)

Best Appearing Motorcycle – Tom Ozinga (Thompson Raceway Park)

Best Engineering Motorcycle – Bill Bair (Beaver Springs Dragway)

Best Team Spirit – Quaker City Motorsports Park

Best Decorated Grandstand – Beaver Springs Dragway

Best Appearing Sponsor Banner – Empire Dragway

Best Appearing Team – Thompson Raceway Park

Last modified on Monday, 30 September 2013

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