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Summit Sportsman Spectacular Schedule

Memphis International Raceway Summit Sportsman Spectacular Event  

Series: Summit Sportsman Spectacular
Location: Memphis International Raceway
From Friday, September 28, 2018
To Sunday, September 30, 2018





Memphis International Raceway |  September 28-30

ADDRESS: 1 Nitro Blvd., Millington, TN
PHONE: (901) 969-7223

DISTANCE: 1/8-Mile





All valid competition licenses and chassis certifications will be honored at the Summit Sportsman
Spectacular events regardless of sanction. All drivers running 0-6.39 in the 1/8-mile must have an
IHRA, NHRA or accepted competition license. A valid chassis certification is required for vehicles
running 6.00 or quicker. Chassis certifications and license renewals will be available on site.
Competitors obtaining an IHRA license for the first time are encouraged to complete the licensing
process through the IHRA membership department prior to the event to ensure all documents are