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Y&V Seatbelt Clarification

Clarification Regarding Y-Type and V-Type Racing Harnesses

Effective Jan. 1, 2005, Y-type seat belts were no longer certifiable under SFI Spec 16.1. However, existing Y-type belts with current dates of manufacture may be used until their 2-year expiration. After they expire, they may not be recertified.

Racers and tech officials should be aware that V-type harnesses ARE certifiable to SFI Spec 16.1.

There has been some confusion regarding the difference between Y-types and V-types. A Y-type harness consists of a single strap of webbing ending in a single attachment point. A V-type harness also has a single end attachment, but it is a continuous length of webbing that loops through the end hardware and over both shoulders, effectively providing a double belt.