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Chassis Certification

Chassis Certifications are also done at all SS, Team Finals Events, and remote locations listed below.

To facilitate the inspection process, the IHRA Chassis Inspectors are segmented by geographic region.

Consult the list below for the inspector that is closest to you. Unless otherwise noted,
call between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm - Monday thru Friday local time to schedule an appointment. 

IHRA Chassis Tag for Sportsman is $100 + $35 Service Fee expires in 3 years

IHRA Chassis Tag for Pro is $150 + $35 Service Fee expires in 1 year

Email kkopp@ihra.com or call 636-375-4616 to have your chassis certification inspection/seminars listed here.

USPS:      IHRA  P.O. Box 386   House Springs, MO  63051

Address:   IHRA   5081 Bings Way    House Springs, MO  63051

Scheduled Chassis Inspection Dates


Current IHRA Chassis Inspector List

Christopher Eager (Caledonia, OH)
Phone: (740) 233-0135 

Cody Pollage (Lakeland, LA)
Phone: (225) 776-6818

Dan Estep (Benton, IL) 
 Phone: (618) 924-0184

Paul Salvatore (Wilkesboro, NC)
Phone: (631) 445-4778

George Landis (Boynton Beach, FL)
Phone: (561) 573-0393  8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Stacy Tanks (Woodbridge, VA)
Phone: (703) 786-0909

David Covey (Kempner, TX)
Phone: (254) 291-2628

Terry Masluk (Eastern, OH)
Phone: (330) 402-1927  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

 Larry Robertson (Walton, IN)
Phone: 574-626-2221

Eddie Smith (Richmond, VA)
Smith and Company Auto
 Phone: (804) 648-8737

Dale Loewen (Grande Pointe, MB)
SanDale Automotive
Phone: 204-470-9988

Jeremy Griffin (Midland, TX)
Insane Performance
Phone: 432-631-2468    info@insanehp.com

Mark Cregier (Bunker Hill, IN)
Bunker Hill Dragstrip
Phone: 574-360-6557

Dustin Teter (Coloma, MI)
Phone: 269-876-7655

Gary Murff (Camden, SC)
Phone: 803-420-2844

 Ron McKenney (Canton, SD)
Phone: 605-201-2286

Rod Wolter (Mondamin, IA)
Onawa Dragway
Phone: 712-420-3648

Tom Monson (Humboldt, IA)
Humboldt County Dragway
Phone: 515-368-2057

Kyle Rumley (Wildersville, TN)

Phone: 731-358-4294

Jesse Faber (Renwick, IA)
Phone: 641-590-6155 

Skip Zezula (Saskatoon, SK)
Phone: 306-222-8732

Bubba Turner (Burlington, NC)
Phone: 336-684-2990


Patrick McFadden (Bainbridge, OH)
Phone: 740-222-5640

Bill Mitchell (Owingsville, KY)
Phone: 859-432-5549