b'IHRA Featured ProductsShowcase International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) partners QA1 and ATI Performance Products have new products available for IHRA racers.These valued partners support the IHRA and IHRA racers and participate in the 2019 IHRA Contingency Program.Keizer Aluminum Wheels:QA1 MOD Series shock: Keizer Aluminum Wheels has Dont be limited toreworked its drag line for 2019. adjustments! CompletelyWith the launch of new line at the re-valve in minutes with the newATI Performance Products Inc.: December during the PRI show in MOD Series shock, the first andATI NEW TURBO 400 4340Indianapolis, they have been very only on-the-car revalveable shock.OUTPUT SHAFT busy ever since. Designed specifically to meet the ATIs Turbo 400 Forged 4340 one-demands required by todays highpiece output shaft is a brand-newKeizer Aluminum performance drag race and handling/ OEM replacement featuring extra- Wheels has a long pro-touring cars, QA1s multi-patent- long splines and marks, so it can behistory of building pending MOD Series shock willcut to Powerglideracing wheels that transform the way racers respondlength all the waystretched 3-decades. to changing track conditions anddown to the shortestKeizer Aluminum configurations.4x4 length.ThisWheels has taken high strength outputtheir expertise and developed an The key element to this tunabilityshaft is designedaffordable option that delivers the is QuickTune Technology - dryto withstand ansame quality of its competition that is modular valve packs that canextreme amountdouble the price.easily be swapped out, all whileof shock, rated to the shock remains on the car. Anhandle excess ofA family owned Mid-West company industry first, the MOD Series1500 horsepower.keeps the business focused on the shock can quickly and easily beThe output shaftcustomers needs and its goal of revalved without interrupting thewill accept standardquality vs. price point.oil path or opening the shock upspeedometer gears, for debris and air contamination.has a bushing, butThe 2019 additions include 17 and Once the desired valving is in place,does not have provisions for an OEM15 forged one-piece skinnies that are the unique double adjustable design,governor.second to none with looks and intense with adjustable low-speedmachine work. Complementing bleed, allows for fullyVisit atiracing.comand search partthe front one-piece wheels are the independent control over# 406027 or call 877-298-4598forged three-piece rears that come the compression andto learn about the ATI Turbo 400in every size, offset and bolt pattern rebound characteristics.Forged 4340 Output Shaft. imaginable.With all these adjustability options,As a major supporter of the IHRAKeizer Aluminum Wheels recently the MOD Series shockand IHRA racers, ATI posts cashcompleted a Junior Dragster lineachieves an expansivecontingency awards covering ATIsas well!force curve capability andTransmissions and Treemaster an unprecedented level ofConverters. For more informationAs a proud IHRA contingency partner, tunability. and to qualify for these awards click here to visit Keizer Aluminum click here. Wheels Facebook page.Visit QA1.com to learn about the MOD For more information about the IHRA Series shock. and to become a member visitIHRA.com or call (561) 337-3446. 10'