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Record turnout for Summit Pro-Am Tour in Bradenton

Monday, 15 February 2016

The second stop on the Summit Pro-Am Tour continued in the sunshine state with a stop at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Florida. The event saw 300 drivers competing for 20 Ironmen, over the doubleheader weekend with an increase of over 100 competitors compared to 2015’s racer attendance.

Good Vibrations Top Sportsman

Yulee, Florida driver Norm Williams picked up the Good Vibrations Top Sportsman Ironman. He defeated Matthew Buck in the final with a .018 reaction and a 4.906 on a 4.87 at 142.26 mph. Buck, from Lantana, Florida, left at .024 and went 4.410 on a 4.37 at 146.31 mph. With 19 drivers vying for the chance to make the finals, Buck had a bye through the semi-finals while Williams defeated Tom Van Beek. Beek, from Fernandina, Florida, had a .031 reaction and made a 4.690 pass on a 4.68 dial at 145.37 mph. Williams left at .006 and was just .004 off his 4.88 target at 142.76 mph.

The following days competition brought Matthew Buck a second shot at an Ironman. In the final against Bill Powell, Buck cut a .005 light and went 4.393 on a 4.37 at 156.08 mph, earning the win. Powell, from Stuart, Florida, left at .011 and made a 4.730 run on a 4.70 for a runner-up finish. In the semi-finals, Buck bested Mark Sanders with a .032 reaction and a run just .008 off his 4.38 target. Sanders, from Harrison, Ohio, left at .024 and went 4.905 on a 4.88 while Powell moved through with a bye.

Good Vibrations Top Dragster

With one of the largest qualifying fields of the weekend, Troy Williams Jr. earned a spot in the winner’s circle after completion of the first day of the Good Vibrations Top Dragster competition. Williams, from Daytona Beach, Florida, defeated Mark Smullen with a .014 reaction. Smullen, from North Port, Florida left early at -.006. In the semis, Smullen advanced over Boiling Springs, Florida driver Ivey Hutto after she went red with a -.002 reaction. Williams moved on with a bye.

The next day brought AJ Ashe and Bruce Kaul to face off for one of the tightest finals of the weekend. Ashe, from Fruitland Park, Florida, had a .003 on the tree to Kaul’s .010. With a pass just .004 off his 4.75 dial, Ashe took the win. Kaul, from Racine, Minnesota, was close with a 4.768 on a 4.76. St. Augustine, Florida competitor John Buening fell to Ashe in the semis with a .020 reaction and a 4.510 on a 4.50 at 152.49 mph. Ashe cut a perfect .000 light and went 4.756 on a 4.75 at 137.84. Kaul advanced with a bye.

Super Stock

Andy Kronenbitter and John French paired off in Saturday’s Super Stock final. French, from Cortland, Ohio, was slow off the line with a .955 reaction but finished out with a 7.142 on a 6.80 at 81.59 mph. Kronenbitter, from Millersport, Ohio, took the win with a .058 reaction and a 6.101 on his 5.87 dial at 101.75 mph. Glen Mace, from Jacksonville, Florida, fell to French in the semi-finals with a .11.341 on a 6.95 dial with a .200 reaction while French went 6.867 on a 6.80 with a .062 reaction. Kronenbitter moved through with a bye.

Leonard Mattingly became the champion on day two after defeating Jim Marshall in the final round of eliminations. Mattingly, from Cox Creek, Kentucky, was just .006 off his 6.32 dial at 103.85 mph with a .044 reaction. Marshall, from Indianland, South Carolina, left at .104 and broke out with a 6.955 on a 6.98 at 94.60 mph. While Mattingly moved out of the semis on a bye, Marshall advanced with a .010 light while Pat Clifford, Apopka, Florida, went red with a -.034 reaction.

Stock Eliminator

Zephyrhills, Florida driver Scott Sanders dominated the first day of Stock Eliminator competition. He took the win with a 7.100 run on a 6.80 target at 99.10 mph with a .030 reaction, defeating Myron Piatek. Piatek, from Holly Hills, Florida, broke out with a 7.141 on a 7.16 at 93.65 mph with a .022 reaction. In the semi-finals, Sanders went 6.810 on a 6.80 at 94.79 mph and a .053 light to advance over Stephen McGrath, Rochester, New York, who went 7.136 on a 7.11 at 93.22 mph with a .052 reaction. Kenneth Anderson, Lake Worth, Florida, had Piatek at the finish with a 7.961 on a 7.96 to Piatek’s 7.155 on a 7.15, but his .058 reaction cost him. Piatek moved on with a .050 light.

After qualifying third for the second day in a row, B.J. Bianchi put together the winning package in the Stock Eliminator final against Myron Piatek. Bianchi, from Palmetto, Florida, left at .015 and went 7.050 on 7.04 at 91.54 mph to take home the Ironman. Piatek left at .026 and made a 7.172 run on a 7.16 dial at 93.10 mph. Richard Mace, from Jacksonville, Florida, broke out with a 7.469 on a 7.53 against Piatek in the semi-finals. Piatek was 7.210 on a 7.16 to advance. Bianchi advanced against Gary Russell with a .029 light and 7.064 on a 7.04 at 90.07 mph. Russell, from East Sparta, Ohio, left at .033 and was .033 off his 6.80 dial at 98.63 mph.

Quick Rod

The Quick Rod final brought Randal Langley his first Ironman of the season. Langley, from Naples, Florida, was just .009 off the 5.70 index with a .013 reaction, defeating David Schmidt. Schmidt, from Flintstone, Georgia, broke out with a 5.693 after a .017 light. Steve Muller, Pinellas Park, Florida, came up short in the semis against Langley with a 5.733 pass and .027 reaction while Langley left at .004 and went 5.729. Schmidt advanced to the finals with a bye.

John Brannen and Joe Tankersley met the next day in the finals. Tankersley, Elkton, Tennessee, had Brannen on the tree with a .005 to a .032 but Brannen, Dunedin, Florida, was just .002 off the 5.70 index earning the win while Tankersley made a 5.744 run for a runner-up finish. David Hansen, from Largo, Florida, broke out in his semi-final race against Brannen with a 5.672 to Brannen’s 5.716. Tankersley and Michael Smith both broke out but Tankersley moved on with a 5.698 pass. Smith, from Tampa, Florida, made a 5.681 run.

Super Rod

Mike Lagos, from Cass City, Michigan, broke out in the Super Rod final, handing the Ironman to Jim Perry. Perry, from Niota, Tennessee, went 6.410 on the 6.40 index with a .027 reaction while Lagos left at .020 and was too fast with a 6.398 pass. Perry’s quick reaction time advanced him to the finals over A.J. Ashe. Ashe, Fruitland Park, Florida, had a .077 reaction with a 6.444 run. Perry left at .004 and went 6.449 while Lagos had the bye.

Jim Perry swept the competition, taking home his second Ironman of the weekend on the last day. Perry cut a quick .002 light while Bill Clarke, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, went red with a -.020, handing Perry the win. In the semis, Clarke went 6.440 on the 6.40 index at 122.91 mph with a .029 reaction to advance over A.D. French. French, from Jacksonville, Florida, left at .096 and went 6.448 at 111.81 mph.

Hot Rod

Tony Morris proved consistency was key when he dominated day one of Hot Rod eliminations and took home a win. The Winter Garden, Florida driver was just .006 off the 7.00 target hitting 111.87 mph in the final after a .020 reaction. He defeated Mike Griggs who made a commendable 7.020 run at 109.94 mph with a .011 reaction. Griggs, from Ocala, Florida, had a better pass in a tight semi-final race against John Hudson. Griggs left at .038 and went 7.023 at 108.44 mph while Hudson, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, left at .039 and went 7.024 at 114.92 mph. Morris cut a .034 light and made a 7.011 run to move on against Dan Bouldry, Sarasota, Florida, who left at .039 and went 7.010.

Coby Fuller powered through the Hot Rod competition and went on to earn a spot in the winner’s circle. Fuller, from Savannah, Georgia, was quick off the line at .005 and finished out with a 7.017 run on the 7.00 index at 106.50 mph. He defeated Mark Young, from Palm Harbor, Florida, who broke out with a 6.982 at 113.93 mph with a .042 reaction. Mike Desio fell to Fuller in the semis with a 7.007 pass and .027 reaction to Fuller’s 7.012 run and .005 light. Young and Kelly Borch both broke out in their semi-final race but Young moved on with a 6.992 while Borch, from Silver Springs, Florida, made a 6.970 run.

Junior Masters

Gage Burch cleaned up during the Junior Master’s competition. His first win came on the first day in the final round against Morgan Carroll. Carroll, from Olar, South Carolina, left at .058 but broke out with an 8.086 on an 8.12 at 80.34 mph. Burch, Palmetto, Florida, cut a .047 light and made an 8.024 pass on his 7.90 dial at 71.48 mph. In the semis, Kyle Anderson, from Lake Worth, Florida, had a -.005 reaction advancing Burch who left at .028. Carroll defeated Hannah Bouldry with an 8.100 on an 8.05 at 80.05 mph with a .086 reaction. Bouldry, from Sarasota, Florida, left at .042 and made an 8.066 run on her 7.97 dial at 76.98 mph.

Burch rolled his initial success into the next day, facing off against last year’s Division 2 Junior Master Champion, Camryn Fredrickson. Burch was just .009 off his 7.90 target at 83.04 mph with a .029 reaction. Fredrickson, Palm Harbor, Florida, had a .028 light but broke out with an 8.275 run on his 8.28 dial. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida driver Nick Ferraro broke out in his semi-final match up against Fredrickson with an 8.022 on an 8.04. Fredrickson went 8.278 on an 8.27 to move on. Mackenzie Cayea, who made the trip down from Williamston, New York, also broke out with a 7.882 on a 7.90, advancing Burch who made a 7.926 pass on a 7.90 dial.

Junior Advanced

Fresh off two wins at Immokalee Regional Raceway, Brooke DeBonis went all the way to the finals and picked up her third Ironman of the season over Cody Krohn. DeBonis, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, and Krohn, Rotonda, Florida, cut identical .023 lights. DeBonis took the win with her 8.971 on an 8.95 at 72.78 mph while Krohn went 8.951 on an 8.90 at 72.76 mph. DeBonis moved out of the semis after Troy Carpenter broke out. Carpenter, from North Ft Myers, Florida, made an 8.983 run on his 8.91 dial while DeBonis made an 8.971 on an 8.95. Krohn was just .007 off his 8.90 target after cutting a .063 reaction, defeating Wyatt Palmatier, Deland, Florida. Palmatier left at .128 and made a 9.035 run on his 8.96 dial.

Michael Carpenter, from St. Petersburg, Florida, was Junior Advanced winner on the final day of compeition. Carpenter cut a .039 light against Amanda Cole who went red with a -.085 reaction. During the semi-final eliminations, Cole, from Sarasota, Florida, advanced after Wyatt Palmatier, Deland, Florida, broke out. Brooke DeBonis left early at -.005, moving Carpenter to the finals after he left at .035.

Junior Beginner

Logan Westmoreland topped the Junior Beginner competition, defeating Kimoni Hamilton in the final. Westmoreland, from Greenwood, South Carolina, left the line at .145 going 12.113 on an 11.96 at 47.81 mph, earning the Ironman. Hamilton, from Bradenton, left at .392 and went 11.919 on an 11.90 at 55.64 mph. Both semi-final races were decided by red lights with Alyson Reynolds, from West Melbourne, Florida, leaving at -.018 against Hamilton who had a .462 reaction. West Palm Beach, Florida driver Jake Opper went red with a -.067 while Westmoreland was green with a .106.

After coming up short at the Summit Pro-Am Tour in Immokalee, Nathan Lopez was able to rebound and take home a Junior Beginner Ironman over Dylan MacNicol. Lopez, from Wellington, Florida, left at .125 and made a 12.091 pass on his 12.01 dial at 53.15 mph. MacNicol, from North Port, Florida, went red with a -.116 reaction. In the semi-finals, Lopez defeated Jude Kersnason with a 12.064 pass on an 11.98 target at 53.50 mph with a .089 reaction. Kersnason, from Port Charlotte, Florida, left at .032 and went 12.126 on an 11.95 at 49.15 mph. MacNicol advanced with a .130 reaction and an 11.951 on an 11.92 at 53.55 mph over the previous days winner, Logan Westmoreland. Westmoreland left at .134 and went 12.064 on an 11.98 at 50.65 mph.

Last modified on Monday, 09 May 2016
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