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Peter Gallen - 'Poverty Stricken'

Thursday, 18 April 2013
Name: Peter Gallen - 'Poverty Stricken'
Hometown: Broomall, PA
Car: "Poverty Stricken" '74 Vega
Engine: 3,000 horsepower BAE 426
Car Owner: Peter and Ashbey Gallen
Class: Prostalgia Nitro Funny Car
CrewChief: Ayden Gallen
Crew: John Benigni, Bob Rosetty, Steve Timoszyk; junior crew members: Jake Slater and Matt Sell
Major Sponsors: Ford 8 and 9 inch rears, Zac's Hamburgers, Funny Farm Fabrications
Website Address:
Career Stats: 2-time Prostalgia NFC World Champion; 17 wins, 10 runner-ups; IHRA World Record Holder in E.T. and Speed
Why do you love racing? The greatest way to exhause my retirement account
Hobbies: Golf, flying, racing
First Race Car: A/Altered
Personal Status: Married - Ashbey. Children - Kelly, Kristen, Lil Pete, Tyler Marie, Ayden.
Personal Car: Pickup Truck
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Movie: Anything with Lightning McQueen
Favorite Food: Seafood
Interesting facts about yourself: Won first ever race in 1987 the same weekend John Force won his very first Nitro Funny Car race; 2011 Prostalgia NFC Champion

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