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Kristen Dennis - 'Ladies First'

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Name: Kristen Dennis - 'Ladies First'
Hometown: Magnolia, Texas
Car: 2009 Joe Monden
Engine: 433 CRE
Car Owner: Kristen Dennis
Class: Pro Fuel Dragster
CrewChief: Shane Conway
Crew: Preston Kline, Randy Holland
Major Sponsors: Cleanboost Oil
Website Address:
Career Stats: 3 wins, 2 runner-ups in Nitro Jam competition
Why do you love racing? I love the adrenaline rush, nothing can compare to the feeling when you launch the car. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done, not ever being in a car before and then climbing into this one was definitely a huge step for me!
Hobbies: Sports, riding 4-wheelers, hunting and most of all racing!
First Race Car: A-Fueler
Personal Status: Children Tristen & Cash
Personal Car: 2008 Scion
Favorite Music: Liston to everything, probably like old country the best
Favorite Movie: Date Night
Favorite Food: Italian
Interesting facts about yourself: First is my height - I am 6-foot; I am a sports fan, I love to play and watch sports; I am pretty strong-willed, or as most would say STUBBORN!; I am very competitive in everything I do, I want people to say that I am good at what I do, not that I am good for a woman