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IHRA Championship Ring Features Unique Design for Special Celebration

Friday, 05 May 2023

HOUSE SPRINGS, Missouri — The IHRA World Championship Diamond Ring is truly a keepsake one can treasure for a lifetime.

Designed by Jostens, the same company which furnished Super Bowl rings for the reigning NFL champion Kansas City Chiefs, the rings are awarded each year for the achievement of being best of the best. Out of the thousands of drag racers who start each season in the IHRA Summit SuperSeries program, only a handful earn the title of World Champion.

For each of these racers, they have amazing prize packages of a big check, the prestigious IHRA Ironman trophy, IHRA Gold Card, the championship ring and new this season, grand prizes for each of the classes. In fact, the overall prize package at the 2023 IHRA Summit SuperSeries is over $275,000, a significant increase from previous seasons.

Each ring is unique in its design and how it honors each individual champion. 

As shown here, you see the ring for 2022 IHRA Junior Dragster World Champion Aubrey Loy. It features the No. 1 and diamonds on top, and intricate details on the side to celebrate her special victory.


The championship ring is something she can always look upon with pride and remember her title-winning efforts at Holly Springs Motorsports. It was a time she raced to the biggest victory of her young career. The same holds true for the other 2022 IHRA World Champions Jared Ledford (Top), Grant Zimmerman (Mod) and Larry Doty (Sportsman) who see the rings and reflect on their own unforgettable runs to the title.

Other champions in the IHRA Summit SuperSeries program across North America will compete for the chance to win World Championships and one of their own diamond rings in October. 

Be sure your IHRA membership is up to date where you have a chance to race for these beautiful rings and other great prizes through the IHRA Summit SuperSeries program. Click here to check out the IHRA membership center or call our membership coordinator Heather Roth at (85) JOIN-IHRA.

Last modified on Friday, 05 May 2023