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Going the extra mile allows Cable to become IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Champion

Friday, 01 June 2018

Tom Cable, from Hughesville, Md., had to go the extra mile to ensure that he was the first ever Box champion in 2003 International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit SuperSeries. 

Cable, competed at his home track of Maryland International Raceway (MDIR), Mechanicsville, Md., throughout the season compiling an impressive 34 race wins and only six losses. However, the season bought a lot of drama as his nearest competitor, Chuck Martin from Farmington Dragway, in Mocksville, N.C., had tied him.  Cable held the tie breaker with a 0.5053 reaction time over Martin.

To help ensure he became the champion, Cable and his crew chief Danny Watt, made the six-hour trek to Farmington to make sure he was victorious.

“I was surprised with how the track greeted us with open arms and went as far as giving us a reserved pit spot,” said Tom Cable. 

Cable, was hoping to line up and go head to head against Martin, but they missed each other by one car in round two. Martin lost in that round allowing a Cable to become the 2003 IHRA Summit SuperSeries Champion for the year before the remainder of the event got rained out. 

Racing at his home track helped him stay sharp all season when he made the trip to Farmington Dragway. 

“The best-of-the-best race at Maryland International Raceway,” Cable commented. “By racing against the competitors there, it helped me when we headed to Farmington taking on the exciting challenge of competing against those racers,” Cable continued. 


Being part of the IHRA Summit SuperSeries has bought many rewards for competitors especially when they receive their prizes.

As part of his championship effort, Cable received $50,000 cash from Summit Racing Equipment, an IHRA Ironman, World Championship Ring, Divisional and Local Earnings, $1000 Parts Clean, and a Turn-Key Worthy Dragster that he ironically painted for Summit Racing. 

“I own a commercial sign business and paint race cars,” Cable recalled. “I called Summit Racing Equipment to offer my services of painting the dragster they were giving away and after winning the championship, I received the dragster as part of the championship. To say it came full circle is an understatement,” Cable continued. 

These days, Cable, has focused his racing toward big money Bracket races. He drives for several different car owners throughout the year who inquire about his services. 

When he doesn’t race, Cable takes his sons racing during the year. His youngest son, drives a junior dragster and his oldest son who is in the Naval Academy drives his dragster when he is on leave. 

“I thoroughly enjoy being part of the IHRA Summit SuperSeries,” Cable commented. “To have earned a ring, an Ironman, and plaque are all near and dear to my heart. Money will come and go but each time I show those items to my friends and family, they bring back great memories and is something I can take with me forever!” an excited Cable continued. 

At the end of the day, Tom Cable went the extra mile to ensure sure he was crowned the 2003 IHRA Summit SuperSeries Champion and his named is etched in history as a champion of the sport. 

For those interested in going the extra mile and becoming an IHRA Summit SuperSeries Champion at the Summit World Finals in Memphis, Tenn., they can become an IHRA member and compete in the $200,000 IHRA Summit SuperSeries program, by clicking here.

Last modified on Monday, 04 June 2018