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2013 IHRA Rulebook Updates

Monday, 14 January 2013
The information listed below is an overview of the major changes in the class requirements structure and competition standards from the 2013 IHRA rulebook. While many of you have already received your copy of the 2013 IHRA rulebook, in addition to the online edition being available throughout the year, updates or changes may be made during the season and all information regarding rulebook changes can be found at www.ihra.com/ruleupdates .
 p. 5 Summit Tournament of Champions: Under participant guideline delete the following from number 2: “(less any division champions – see below).”  
 p. 20 Super Stock: Engine:  Change overbore from .075 to .080 in the section.
 p. 26 Super Stock Production: Engine: Change overbore from .075 to .080 in the section.
 p. 42 Stock: Engine: Change overbore from .075 to .080 in the section.
 p. 44 Stock: Upholstery: Add the following references for front seats to the section.  Delete all other reference to front seats in the section.
 “ Full-size aftermarket or corporate OEM front seats permitted; must be upholstered and properly supported.”
This group is limited to any unaltered 2008 or newer foreign or domestic, production type automobile or truck that is street driven with proof of registration, vehicle insurance with valid license plates.  These vehicles are limited to street events, test & tune and select import events.  Competition in the facilities normal weekly ET bracket series under these parameters is prohibited.     
 These vehicles may run provided all of the criteria listed within this section is verified prior to participation.  Unaltered 2008 OEM model year and newer production cars running slower than 10.00 and 135 mph do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit Sportsman ET safety rules except for the following: Convertibles and T-top entries must meet the minimum specifications listed in ET Bracket section for roll bar and roll cage requirement.  Vehicles must pass all state highway safety requirements in which the vehicle is registered prior to acceptance.  
 The vehicles OEM installed anti lock brakes, airbag function and seat belts as well as any other related system must be functional as per the manufacturers specifications at all times.  
 All drivers must utilize helmet and protective clothing requirements as per the minimum specifications outlined in the 2013 IHRA rulebook under the ET bracket section starting on page 61. 
Last modified on Wednesday, 24 April 2013