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Nitro Jam enjoying increased car counts, attendance in 2012

Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Across the nation small patches of pavement and multi-million dollar facilities alike are roaring to life with the sounds of high-horsepower entertainment.

Some tracks never stopped racing while others are beginning to emerge from hibernation as the season shifts from winter to drag racing season. For the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and its Nitro Jam series, the new season has also brought with it increased car counts, sponsorship and a spike in attendance after two huge events in Tucson, Ariz. and San Antonio, Texas over the past few weeks.

The Nitro Jam series roared to life during the last two weekends in March with the Arizona Nitro Jam presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at Southwestern International Raceway followed one week later with the San Antonio Nitro Jam at San Antonio Raceway. Both events saw increased car counts over 2012, an increase in sponsorship and a spike in attendance that produced standing room only shows.

Since switching to the new Nitro Jam format in 2010, the series has enjoyed a big increase in spectator attendance culminating with two exciting events already to start 2012.

“The response to the new format has been overwhelming. People want to be entertained at a fair value and that is what Nitro Jam is all about,” said Nitro Jam President Aaron Polburn. “Nitro Jam is all about a concise show in a timely window with a large variety of cars and classes to keep the entertainment coming non-stop for several hours.

“The atmosphere has been electric to start 2012 with fans lined four and five deep on the fence and every ounce of real estate taken in the stands both Saturdays. If anything we need to continue to methodically increase seating to help keep up with the demand that the new show is creating.

“And even more exciting is the increase in kid counts. At San Antonio we set a record for the most kids to ever attend a Nitro Jam event. Nearly 30 percent of our audience in San Antonio was made up of kids which says we are heading in the right direction. More kids means new fans which is something this sport desperately needs.”

Both Southwestern International Raceway and San Antonio Raceway saw capacity crowds with a Nitro Jam show that includes everything from nitro-powered dragsters, funny cars, bikes and altereds to a variety of jets, wheelstanders and even a side-by-side monster truck race.


And it is that variety combined with a show-like atmosphere that has allowed Nitro Jam to earn its place as one of the fastest growing motorsports brands in America.  

“I think it says a lot about the product. When you give people a great show at an affordable price they will respond,” Polburn said. “We are also working hard to accommodate the racers and make racing with the IHRA as easy and affordable as possible, especially with gas prices continuing to climb.

“By revolutionizing the double race weekend a few years ago and now combing our Pro-Am series with Nitro Jam it allows our racers to get maximum racing during a weekend. I always remain cautious, but I can say that I am very excited in what we have accomplished and even more excited about where this company is heading.”

Next up for the Nitro Jam tour is a stop at State Capitol Raceway in Baton Rouge, La. for the Mardi Gras Nitro Jam May 4-5.

Last modified on Wednesday, 22 May 2013
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