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Super Shockwave Jet Truck

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Name: Super Shockwave Jet Truck

For years Les Shockley’s Super Shockwave has amazed race fans across the country with its impressive display of speed and fire and now the most powerful truck in existence will meet an American icon in Grave Digger face-to-face in a winner takes all battle of “monster trucks” at Nitro Jam events across the nation.

Shockley has plenty of experience behind the wheel of the big red machine and is looking forward to another season of over-the-top racing on the quarter-mile.

Housed in a fiberglass 1957 Chevrolet body, the Super Shockwave is propelled by two Pratt and Whitney J 34-48 jet engines that produce 25,000 horsepower and 12,500 pounds of thrust. The machine eats nearly 80 gallons of diesel fuel per run and has been clocked at a mind-blowing 334 miles per hour from a standing start.

On the quarter-mile the Super Shockwave produces 50 foot flames from its rear engines and 20 foot flames from its “smoke stacks” while approaching 200 miles per hour on the drag strip and literally shaking the earth with each pass all to the joy of race fans.

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