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Grave Digger

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Name: Grave Digger

When it comes to motorsports stardom, there is only one name at the top of every list – Grave Digger.

By far the biggest star in the highly popular Monster Jam series and perhaps one of the most recognizable names in all of racing, Grave Digger has racked up numerous awards and has achieved near rock star status.

The 1950 style Chevrolet truck has become an icon of the sport with its ghoulish green and black paint job and menacing red headlights and has made a name for itself with its go-or-go-home style of racing. The truck itself has garnered seven Monster Jam championships while under the direction of a handful of drivers and in 2011 looks to add a new title to its distinguished resume – drag racing champion.

Grave Digger weighs nearly 12,000 pounds – double the weight of its 2011 opponent the Super Shockwave – and produces over 2,000 horsepower from its 575 cubic inch Chevy Big Block engine. The monster stands at nearly 11 feet tall with its 66 inch tall, 43 inch wide tires and has the ability to jump long distances thanks to its custom built design which gives it the ability to produce quick bursts of speed – making it perfect for the sport of drag racing.

While the two machines have very few similarities and are designed for two totally different forms of racing, they both share one very common characteristic – when they pull onto the track, fans take notice. 

Now, two of the most extreme machines on the planet will do battle at Nitro Jam events across the nation in an event that is sure to leave race fans talking for years about the night they saw Grave Digger take on the Super Shockwave.

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