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John Dunn - 'Dunn and Gone'

Thursday, 18 April 2013
Name: John Dunn - 'Dunn and Gone'
Hometown: Monticello, IL
Car: "Dunn & Gone" '73 Duster
Engine: 3,000 horsepower 498 TFX '92 Hemi
Car Owner: John and Melissa Dunn
Class: Prostalgia Nitro Funny Car
CrewChief: Kenny Bonnell
Crew: Melissa Dunn, Josh Dunn, Luke Dunn, Jim Rear, Jeff Bonnell
Major Sponsors: Mancini Racing, Moser Engineering, Victory Performance, Ace Clutches, G&G Machine, Hedman Hustler, Jeff's Custom Exhaust, Total Seal, Funny Factory, Dean's Grahpics
Website Address:
Career Stats: 1 runner-up
Why do you love racing? The only place I can make this much noise and not get arrested
Hobbies: Pin-up art
First Race Car: '69 Nova
Personal Status: Married - Melissa. Three Children - Josh, Amanda, Luke
Personal Car: Saturn VUE
Favorite Music: AC/DC
Favorite Movie: American Graffitti
Favorite Food: Cajun
Interesting facts about yourself: When I was young, nitro ate my brains?