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Roxboro Motorsports Park Helps Another Track’s Racers Get to Team Finals

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

TIMBERLAKE, N.C. — The word family is frequently used in the world of sports. Roxboro Motorsports Park truly set the example of a racing family when they heard the plight of another track’s competitors.

When the operators at Motor Mile Dragway announced they weren’t renewing their lease and closing the track for the season, it left their racers in a bind about participating in the upcoming IHRA Division 1 (Patriots) Summit Team Finals. Roxboro track manager Angela Mason became aware of the situation as some of the drivers who compete at Motor Mile also race at her track.

“I was worried the drivers who were going to come to the team finals weren’t going to come,” Mason said. “That’s not fair to them as they’ve put in their time, money and effort. One reason you run a bracket series for IHRA, you want to go to the team finals.”

The Summit Team Finals are considered by many as the most fun events of the year. It’s a time when the tracks and racers truly bond and lifelong friendships are formed. Teams representing the different tracks will decorate grandstands, cook out together and camp side-by-side.

Mason pointed out it was a community effort to support the Motor Mile racers. Roxboro track owner Jody Williams, the track sponsors, the racers and their wives all contributed to make sure the Motor Mile team could compete. 

Amy Martin led the Motor Mile racers’ wives, who worked hard to get the funds they needed. With folks from both tracks coming together, their collective efforts paid off.

“Everything they need is covered,” Mason said. “When I put it out there and said, ‘These racers need help,’ our racers were there. My sponsor for our juniors were like, ‘Alright, we will take care of all the juniors.’ We have a village that helps everyone out.”


Mason also credited the staff at Elk Creek Dragway, which was named host of the IHRA Division 1 Summit Team Finals, when the race was moved from Motor Mile. She pointed out how they’ve been working to make sure the teams have the best facility possible.

“It put a kink in their plans because their track was closed that weekend,” Mason said. “They had to come up with employees to work. We’ve got some of our people going up there to help them and rotate out with them when needed. Racing is a community and so many people have lost sight of that.”

The International Hot Rod Association certainly appreciates the efforts of all those involved and how they’ve come together for the good of the racers. 

“This is what makes the IHRA so good,” IHRA Owner and CEO Larry Jeffers said. “It is what makes the IHRA truly a family.”

The IHRA hopes all those competing and working at the IHRA Division 1 (Patriots) Summit Team Finals enjoy a great time of racing and fellowship. With the teamwork already shown, it should be an even better event than originally planned. 

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